Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nars Danmari Palette ♥

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. I KNOW.

I can feel 2012 is going to be an amazing year. How wouldn't it be with the Danmari Palette from Nars now in my possession? :-) I was eyeing on this so much and It was sold out pretty much everywhere online.  I was so lucky enough to receive this as a gift from the bf. Perfect gift. I'm so thankful! I absolutely love Nars and the quality of their products, so to get a full 6 shades palette with their blush is just the greatest thing. 

To give you an idea of the size of this little gem, here it is next to a Nars eyeshadow and next to a Nars blusher. I know I will carry this palette everywhere with me, it's so convenient and is it filled with the most beautiful shades. 

I couldn't help myself but take hundred of pictures of this little beauty.
I'm gonna spare you that amount but I have to warn you that is going to be a rather long post :-) 

You gotta love the Nars packaging. The palette comes out so chic although after a few manipulations It was already messed up with my finger prints all over the case and it's impossible to erase :( 

Basically you get an highlighter, a bronzer and four blushes.  Except from Orgasm, I had never tried any of the Nars powder blushes before, so I was sooo excited to try them all, and particularly the shade Sin.

From left to right
First row : Hungry Heart Duo (I) - Orgasm - Desire 
Second row : Casino - Super Orgasm - Sin 

Hungry Heart Duo (I)
This is the highlighter of the palette. A white pearly glittery shade. I already own Albatross and this could be similar however this shade contains wayyyy more glitter than Albatross. 

The well know blush by Nars. Definitely a must have. I already have this shade in multiple and in powder and a third is well welcomed as I absolutely adore this shade, it is so gorgeous.

The bright pink of the bunch. I like that you get one matte shade and that brightness is everything I love in a pink blush.

The bronzer of the palette. I adore Nars bronzer, I'm already a huge fan of the Laguna bronzer and I know Casino is not going to disappoint.

Super Orgasm
Now this is the shade I was the "most disappointed" about. Not because it isn't pretty or pigmented but because I would have expect something a bit different than a super duper glittery Orgasm dupe. I think that a matte peach shade would have been way much interesting for the diversity of the palette. Nevertheless, it is a gorgeous shade.
Last, but not least. My favourite colour of the six. The shade sin directly caught my attention with this massive purple undertones. I don't have anything similar as a blush and I was so intrigued by wearing a purple blush. It came out so gorgeous on my cheeks, I was so surprised! I would have never purchased this by myself but I will definitely try some other purple shades from now on. 

I'm the happiest girl right now as this palette was is my über needed wish list post. That's one item I can cross off the list I guess :-)  I feel so excited when I have to put my make up on as I know I will have to use it and pick a shade. Or maybe mix up one or two :-) I would definitely recommend you to buy this if you ever get the chance to, it is the dream team blush palette!

XO, Marilou 


  1. Gorgeous!! And i love the colors Orgasm and casino the best but they are all amazing!

  2. It looks amaaaazing! How lucky are you to get it for Xmas :)
    Happy New Year! xx

  3. this looks amazing!! you lucky girl =) hope you had a great christmas and new years xx

  4. Aaah, lucky girl, that palette looks amazing. I really must try NARS blushes, it's practically a sin that I haven't already. <3 :)

  5. Your so lucky. Its such a beautiful palette and something you will have for years im sure


  6. Which nail-polish are you wearing on the foto? The palette is very pretty!

  7. @Nico I wore Essie - Size Matters x

  8. Isn't Sin just lovely?! How nice of your boyfriend, super boyfriend points for him! :)

  9. wow this looks gorgeous! I received a John lewis voucher for Christmas so thinking of spending it on a Nars product, atm I'm thinking either deep throat blush or Laguna bronzer! x

  10. WOW. This looks amazing! I absolutely love NARS products so I'd be in my element with this palette. Lucky you! x x x.

  11. Oh wow!!
    This looks soooo gorgeous can't wait to see you use them <3 x

  12. Yayy! I love this palette and I'm glad you like it too! I agree with you about every color =)

  13. What a gorgeous palette, I wish I had it!!

  14. really nice post!:)
    I looove nars!
    Lovely greetings xx

    Would be really happy about a visit;):

  15. wowww this is lovely! I wish I could find somewhere in the UK that stocked it xx

  16. ohh i'm so jealous! what a gorgeous palette! i expect to see lots of posts using this missy xxx

  17. hey, follow me then I'll follow you:)))

  18. This is the most beautiful palette I have ever seen - I NEED IT! xxxx

  19. love the blog!

    you're so pretty <3

    now following you! follow me back hun?


  20. I just got it yesterday! SO excited to try it :D

  21. Wow, lucky girl! I love that they're decent sizes too, I think palettes can be a bit measly sometimes!
    I wanted to let you know I've awarded you the Kreative Blogger award, I've posted about it here :-)