Monday, January 30, 2012

Blistex lip cream relief

After reading tons of great reviews about this product, I was super excited to find it in the drugstore Kruidvat in Brussels. Blistex is a lip cream relief that instantly relieves your damaged lips. This cold weather can be cold on your lips. I hate hate hate chafed lips, it's 1) so unglamorous 2) so unflattering when your wear lipstick 3) not attractive. Blistex is such a great product that really has a quick effect on your lips. It makes them smoother, softer after a few minutes. In comes in a little tube so it's definitely handy to carry around everywhere with you.
The smell is pretty strong. I believe it has some kind of eucalyptus in it, not disguting but not my favourite! I would have love more a cocoa butter smell but the result is so incredible that I just can't complain.

The consistency is quite thick and white so a little amount is far enough to repair any damaged lips.

With the -11degrees coming this friday, this product is definitely not going to leave my bag!



  1. This product sounds amazing ! I might try to find this once I run out of my trusty Carmex ! xx

  2. Ah super, il y en a en Belgique! J'espère qu'ils en vendent dans un des kruidvat de Liège, il faut que je jette un coup d'oeil! :)