Friday, December 28, 2012

How I curl my hair (Lauren Conrad inspired!)

I hope you will enjoy this mini tutorial on how curl my hair to achieve a "Lauren Conrad wavy curls" look.  I TRY REALLY HARD but I'll never be her :) 

Toodles :)


I Love Nail Polish ♥

If you love, breathe, eat glitter be warned that you might LOVE what is going to follow.

When a dear fellow blogger I have been following for a long time announced that she was launching HER VERY OWN LINE of nail polishes, I was ectastic! She did sent me some nail polishes to review but my package didn't make it to my house and went all the way back to hers! Anyway
I NEEDED to share with you some of her collection pictures.

Here's the New Year's collection .

How gorgeous are these babies?

And her winter collection.
I love that all her nail polishes have cute names and she did bother to find one for each of time. I hate when brand just call their nail polishes by number. It find is a bit boring. 

You can find all her nail polishes on her etsy store :-)

Also, on her easy store all swatches are from her and she did such a great job creating all kind of mix and match for her glitters! I'm sure many of you will enjoy her collections. 

You goooooo girl Barbra! 



Primark Spring/Summer 2013 : What I'll be picking

I don't know about you, but I loooove looking at Primark new collections online. I don't have a Primark in my city I always have to travel all the way down south my country to get a chance to shop there.
It's kind of exciting not knowing what is in store but It can be disappointing as well. I love to look at youtube Primark haulin' videos and I always get disappointed because I feel that the Primark in Liège really doesn't carry all the cool things they do carry in the UK. Anyways, after scrutinizing all the pictures from the new collection, these are my picks. 

The geometrical clutch. Love love love this. Super versatile yet easy to wear.

This is more like a cool hippie bright clutch you bring with you on vacays. 

I know that studs are so 2011 but I think this bag is really really nice. There is a lot of things going on but it works well. This is a perfect work/uni bag in my opinion to add that little edgy touch to any plain outfit. I also LOVE the fact that there is a strap. It looks very Zara doesn't it? 

I'm not a rebel or anything but since I saw Marianna Makela wearing those kind of studs I really wanted some for myself (I'm lacking some serious personality here I know, I know) Not sure it is really my style though.... 

This necklace also make me think of something Zara would make. It's gold (bling bling) yet colorful and a little bit rebellious with all the spike going on. I love it! I can see myself wearing it with a plain t-fitted shirt and a jeans and massive sunglasses. 

These are NOT super perfect in my opinion (like the Zara ones were) but I'm dying to get some black sandals. I'm so desperate and spring is coming soon so I need to get myself together and find a pair of these.

This could be such a cute bike floral jacket to wear with something SUPER plain underneath.
I need to see it IRL though to check and make sure that the pattern isn't too old granny's curtain inspired. It could look cute with a plain white t shirt, a fitted jeans, some black pointed heels and a gorgeous black bag. With giantic sunglasses and a glamorous hairdo. No? I'm not sure on that one at all.

In the skirt department, I found this little grey thing to be super gorgeous. I have never tried the whole mulet trend but I think It could look really summery and easy to wear with a white tank top and some cute sandals with a super bright necklace.

I absolutely love this dress, it's super girly and fresh looking. Maxi dresses are the best things ever to wear during summertime. It has some cute details on the top part and it looks SO summery. Doesn't it make you want to be in May already? Ha.

This is one of the many things I WON'T BE BUYING FROM PRIMARK ANYTIME SOON.
Where to start? The Isabel Marant snickers replica is really not my cup of tea but why not.
The pattern is just hideous and the scratchy studs are TOO MUCH.
No no no nooooooo. Sorry boo.

Toodles :)


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My 2012 favourites!

It's that time of the year again. I can't even believe we make it through the year so fast and here we are soon in 2013. I have had a really really good year where I have been very lucky in the work field and love field :)  Beauty wise, I have been starting my own youtube videos which have been really challenging as most of my readers are english speakers but my level of oral english isn't on point yet so I did it in my native tongue french. It has been really nice doing them though, it's a different approach to blogging that was missing to my blog skills. 

Ca y est, on y est! La fin de l'année approche à grand pas et je n'arrive pas à croire que c'est déjà presque fini. 2012 fut une superbe année pour moi perso, surtout en amour et professionnellement :)!
Niveau beauté, j'ai commencé mes vidéos youtube cette année et je dois dire que c'était un vrai challenge car mine de rien, cela prend énormément de temps de filmer, éditer et télécharger une vidéo mais ce fut également une superbe aventure ou j'ai pu rencontrer plus de bloggeuses frenchy entres autres vu que j'avais toujours écrit mon blog en anglais, car je suis passionnée par cette langue. 
En 2013, j'aimerais en faire encore plus et CONCQUERIR LE MONDE. Hihihi.
Allé, voici un petit article sur mes favoris de cette année. C'était super dur de choisir car j'ai des tonnes de produits que j'adore mais il a fallu faire un choix! 

I have been exploring some new beauty brands as well and some products have become part of my daily favourite products very quickly. So these are my beauty favs of 2012! 

Face wise :
 ♥Real Techniques Blush Brush 
♥Sigma Round Kabuki Brush
♥Chanel Soleil de Tan
♥Illamasqua blush in Disobey (the perfect matte contouring shade!)
♥ Nars Damnari Palette

♥ Sleek Au Naturel Palette
♥ Benefit Dandelion
♥ Elf Face Studio Kabuki Brush
♥Kiko Perfect Glow Foundation
♥NYX Eyeshadow Base in White
♥ P2 Open Your Eyes eye brightener
♥ Catrice Lipstick Tell Me A Berry-Tale
♥ Mac Russian red
♥ Mac Pink Friday
♥ Catrice Lip Glow

♥Estée Lauder Double Wear (A classic!)
♥ Rimmel Wake Me Up 
♥ Mac Studio Sculpt (review to come!)
♥ Revlon Colourstay (combination/oily skin)

♥ Milani FX Jewel in Gold and Silver
♥ OPI Sparklicious
♥ Kiko Nailpolishes (massive love for these babies!)
♥ Essie Good to Go top coat
♥ OPI Nail Envy Matte Base Coat
♥ OPI Manicurist of Seville
♥Models Own HedKandi Hedonist
♥ American Apparel Yellow Neon
♥ China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy 

♥ Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit face scrub
♥ Xen Tan Face Tanner Luxe
♥ Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré
♥ L'oréal Mythic Oil
♥ Matrix Biolage Aqua-Immersion Crème Masque  (review to come!)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, now it's time to enjoy the last days of 2012.

Toodles :) 


My life on Instagram #5

My life this week :

♥Little shopping time at Primark Liège before an exhausting exam session
♥ Listening to some old school songs. JLO at her debut was so in back in the days. I'm a 90's song child and loving every minute of it. 
♥ My new Primark make up case :) 
♥ My Christmas nails with a delicious toblerone under it.
♥ Hi ! (Hello massive puffy eyes from massive cough and very bad nights)
♥ Rainy day, pink brolly! 
♥ My brush holder. Very mischievous.
♥ Bling bling! 
♥ My last ever english written test. I have always love studying english and learning more and more so this has to be the less painful exam I have! 



Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Marina and the Diamonds - Homewrecker

I am obsessed with Marina and The Diamonds. Her voice, her lyrics, her style, everything is right up my alley! 

I had to share, this is one of my favourite songs (LIES as well) 



Thursday, December 20, 2012

Party nails #4

I can't help it! Again using my China Glaze Something sweet + Models Own Juicy Jules and my very favorite Milani Jewel FX in Silver! 

Toodles :) 


Barry M Baby Pink

As I wrote in my latest On my nails today : Something Sweet post, I have had an obsession with anything baby pink lately. The latest addition to my pink lipstick armada is my new Barry M 100 baby pink. I know that Barry M lipstick can be drying but I just thought that the colour was really pretty and I wanted to have and spoiled my little brat self. 

Comme je vous en avais parlé dans mon dernier article On my nails today : Something Sweet, j'ai récemment développé une véritable passion pour tout ce qui est baby pink! Surtout tout ce qui est vernis et lipstick. J'ai déjà pas mal de vernis roses/ rouges à lèvres roses mais je ne pouvais pas résister quand j'ai vu la teinte baby pink chez Barry M. Je sais, je sais, les lipsticks Barry M sont légèrement desséchant mais bon, je trouvais que la teinte était juste superbe donc hopla. 

True baby pink. It looks gooorgeous on stick right? 

Ouuuuh quelle jolie couleur rose parfaiiiite. 

Barry M Baby Pink by itself 
Definitively a litte bit drying, as expected but I find the colour to be really nice and working well with my pale skin tone. This will NOT work for someone with a darker skin tone, it's too fleshy pink! 

Barry M Baby Pink porté tout seul. Sans surprise, cela assèche un peu les lèvres et fait ressortir les petites "peaux" mais j'aime vraiment bien la couleur bien qu'elle soit assez claire, cela fonctionne bien avec une peau claire (peau plus matte à éviter sans aucun doute!)

Barry M Baby Pink with Mac English Accent lipgloss on top. Much better!
It's THE perfect lipstick base for that lipgloss shade.

Barry M Baby Pink avec mon lipgloss de chez Mac English Accent. J'adooooooore.
C'est LA base parfaite pour ce lipgloss.

What do we think ladies? Any favourite pink lipstick idea you want to share? :)



Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lady Gaga FAME

I was lucky enough to receive a 50ml bottle of Lady Gaga's fragrance called FAME from Planet Parfum. I would have never thought in a million year I would spray myself with some Lady Gaga juice!I have to say I'm not Lady Gaga biggest fan, her music is just not my cup of tea and her weird outfits were "interesting" for about a month or so but really, still? Anyways, let's move on to the main topic here. Her perfume! I'm a very open-minded person, therefore I really tried it with no negative prejudices in the back of my mind. 

J'ai été assez chanceuse que pour recevoir une bouteille 50ml du parfum de Lady Gaga sobrement intitulé FAME. Alors je vous avoue que jamais de la vie je me serais imaginée en train de me vaporiser du jus de Lady Gaga. Il faut dire que je ne suis pas sa plus grande fan, déjà sa musique c'est pas trop ma tasse de thé mais alors ses looks farfelus et hyper "recherchés", c'était sympa quoi, deux mois et puis bon....on s'en lasse et son personnage mi drama queen mi femme interlagactique créatrice d'un courant planétaire de réunification de monstres je sais pas trop quoi, hm non. C'est juste pas mon délire. Enfin soit, passons au sujet principal de mon article, son parfum! Je suis une personne très ouverte d'esprit donc je n'ai pas tester son produit avec des préjugés négatifs, je l'ai vraiment testé à l'aveugle.

The packaging is really artsy, It's like no other bottle of perfume I have ever seen before. I love the gold top It looks like a creepy clawd protecting an evil baby alien egg or something in this spirit. I was really surprised at the colour of the actual product. It's all black ( I'm sure she wanted it to look like blood or something creepy like that). Also a thing you are not used to in a perfume. I guess this is all part of her marketing plans so this is all good. You want a product to stand out in the shelves and this is pretty out there! Thumbs up for the marketing team, yeyy guyss! 

Alors la première chose qui m'a vraiment interloqué c'est donc, bien entendu, le packaging. C'est très artistique on va dire et cela ne ressemble à aucune autre bouteille de parfum sur le marché, ce qui je pense est un bon point pour son équipe marketing. J'adoore la touche bling bling du capuchon doré qui ressemble à des énormes griffes protégeant l'oeuf d'alien maléfique. Selon moi c'est vraiment ce à quoi elle a du penser en l'imaginant.  Ensuite, la couleur du parfum est noire ce qui est vraiment inhabituel et plutôt sympa comme concept. Ca donne un petit côté sanguinaire... très Gaga quoi! 

On to the scent now. I am obsessed with it. YESSSS. Can you believe that? I am actually enjoying being a "little monster" and wearing some Gaga juice all over me. The scent is super voluptuous and deep. I mean, really really intense so this is a winter fragrance for sure. I would never wear it during spring or summer time, it is way too powdery! It comes out really overpowering at first but it fades a little bit within a few hours and the scent really adapts to your skin smell. (do we say that, skin smell? Body odour seems weird to say to me hence the skin smell!) Honestly I can't tell you what the smell reminds me of as I have never smell something quite similar but it smells really nice!

Si nous n'avez pas l'envie ou le courage de tout lire, voici ce que vous devez savoir :le parfum sent vraiment très bon.  Je n'ai pas arrêter de le porter depuis que je l'ai reçu (merciii Planet Parfum!) Je n'arrive pas à croire que je porte du jus de Lady Gaga et que j'aime ça! Ca y est je suis "un monstre Gaga" Haha! Le parfum est super poudré, c'est définitivement un parfum d'hiver et certainement pas d'été. Quand on la vaporise c'est hyper fort et envahissant comme odeur mais elle s'atténue assez vite et s'adapte à votre peau. Je ne sais pas vraiment vous dire à quoi me fais penser ce parfum car je n'ai jamais senti une odeur similaire. C'est un pari plutôt réussi pour Lady Gaga avec ce parfum FAME car il sent vraiment très bon! You go girrrrl.

The only bad thing I have to say about it is that I'm always afraid that the black colour will stain my clothes! It does show up on the skin black so I am always super cautious. 

Le seul petit bémol c'est que, ok le parfum est noir c'est sympa, original mais aussi tachant! Et oui, le parfum sort, sans surprises, noir du flacon et donc j'ai toujours peur de tacher mes vêtements avec! Je dois faire donc doublement attention.

On that note...Ma ma Ro Ma Ma ma ma Ro Ma Ma!

Have you tried it? 

Toodles :)


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Party nails #2

For my party nails #2 I went for a more Christmass-y look.  Green and gold, you can't go wrong! I think the message is clear her (we want family, we want turkey with a good glass of champagne and a delicious dessert!) I used the gorgeous colour Verouschka by Zoya. It's a gorgeous deep green über shimmery shade that has a matte finish, so top coat is necessary to reveal the gorgeousness of it.
On the bling side, I used CG Cleopatra and Milani in Gold. 

Bling bling bling!

Pour mon second party nails j'ai décidé de trouver mon look pour le réveillon de Noël, je suis restée assez traditionnelle. Vert et or! Le message est clair :) Pour le vert j'ai utilisé un vernis de chez Zoya qui s'intitule Verouschka (esprit de Noël quand tu nous tiens!) et sur le ring finger j'ai mis CG Cleopatra ainsi que le vernis Milani en Gold.

A little close-up.

I loooove it! I can't wait to celebrate Christmas Eve!

Toodles :) 


My favourite nail polish at the moment ♥

I have been OBSESSED with anything baby pink lately. Especially lipstick and nails. My favourite baby pink colour has to be China Glaze Something Sweet. It's the perfect pink shade for me and it's not a nude which I like. I wanted a  "in your face"baby pink and this fulfilled my expectations. The texture is super duper creamy and easy to apply. Three coats were perfect for me so I didn't get any nasty streak. 

Dernièrement je suis obsédée avec tout ce qui est baby pink. Vernis et lipstick en particulier.
Alors que je suis en train de construire mon armée de lipstick rose petit à petit, j'ai retrouvé ce vernis China Glaze que j'ai depuis longtemps et qui trainais dans ma vernis-thèque. Il s'avère que c'est LE rose parfait par excellence, je l'adore et je n'ai pas arrêter de le porter. Il est crémeux à souhaiter et hyper facile à appliquer. J'applique tout de même les 3 couches habituelles pour éviter les strilles disgracieuses. (iiik))

Toodles :)


Party nails #1

The hunt for the perfect party nails HAS STARTED. Oh em gee, Christmas is on monday and one week after it's already 2013. I can not believe the year is already gone. It has been such an amazing year though and I'm very blessed so it's all good. I'm starting to play with my glittery nail polishes to find the perfect party nails. I want something sparkly (who doesn't?) and over the top.My first try was with my beloved Juicy Jules from Models Own. Stunning colour, that's it. It's my ultimate favourite glittery nail polish on earth. I applied it over Something Sweet by CG. (click here to see it applied au natural)
I think it's nice but a bit....too simple? I really want to go over the top party nails.

La chasse pour le combo vernis parfait pour entamer la saison festive a officiellement débutée.Je n'arrive pas à croire que lundi prochain c'est déjà Noël et lundi d'après Nouvel An. C'est passé hypra vite mais je ne vais pas me plaindre car j'ai passé une magnifique année jusqu'à présent (touchons du bois!) J'ai donc commencé à chipoter avec mes vernis pailletés (bien sur).Pour mon premier essai j'ai donc choisi Juici Jules, LE vernis ultime niveau paillettes de fêtes. Dans le genre boule à facettes, c'est le roi. Et en dessous j'ai mis Something Sweet de CG .(cliquez ici pour le voir porter sans bases, bling bling garantis!) Je trouve que c'est pas mal mais un peu trop  simple à mon goût. Je veux vraiment y aller over the top.

So what I did to spice up a little bit my partay nails, I added my chunky glitters from N.Nails.
I loooove them. They have so many reflects and different colors it's super pretty.

Pour mettre un peu de piment dans tout ça j'ai donc tremper mes ongles dans mes paillettes N.Nails.
Je les adoreeee. Dans le genre over the top, tu fais pas mieux et elles sont hypppper belles.

And Tataaaa. The result isn't that neat though, the glitters were too chunky but I think it's really pretty and party-ish. 

Et voilàààà le travail. Le résultat est pas hyper net mais c'est juste hyper dur d'arriver à faire quelque chose de correct car les paillettes sont assez volumineuses! 

It looks much brighter IRL by the way.

Do you like it? What are going to be YOUR party nails? 



Monday, December 17, 2012

My life on instagram #4

I know that for those of you following me on Instagram this is going to be a be repetitive but I really love to do photo montage with my instapics :)  It adds a little dailylife on the blog isn't it.

My life this week : 

♥Eating sushi
♥building my pink lipstick armada 
♥Wearing my new cross bracelet! (Asos wink wink)
♥Eating loads of comfort food as per se when I need to study
 ♥The ring my amazing loving boyfriend got me as a little love treat. I love him he is the best!
 ♥Goodie bag from Planet Parfum
♥My last EVER dutch class and test. Toodles! (I hope I don't jinx my results by saying that...)
♥My college where I have been studying for the last two and half years. 6 month left and I'm DONE. 
♥Looking for the perfect grey wool for a customized homemade scarf :)



New ProNails Metallic Nail Polishes ♥

ProNails is a belgian brand of nail polish. A few weeks ago they sent me a goodie bag with two of their new shades from their new collection. (Thank youuu) As you may or may not have noticed the packaging is brand new! I love it, it looks really cool in my opinion. I got two nail polishes : Million Dollar Gold and Fast Forward. 

Pronails est une marque de vernis belge. Il y a quelques semaines j'ai reçu un goodie bag de leur part avec deux nouveaux vernis de leur collection. Comme l'aurez ou pas remarqué, le packaging a changé et je le trouve top! Les deux vernis : Million Dollar Gold & Fast Forward

I don't have any metallic nail polish so I was really happy to receive these. The application was a bit difficult I have to say, metallic texture is not your usual nail polish texture. I applied two coats for an impeccable finish. This is the shade Million Dollar Gold. A very nice goldy colour with tons of golden shimmer. It's perfect for Christmas but I feel like it's not the best colour for my skin tone. This would look lovely on a darker skin tone though...

Je n'ai aucun vernis métallique donc c'était une super occasion pour moi de les tester et j'étais super contente de recevoir de petit paquet surprise (merciiii ProNails) L'application était un peu difficile, je dois dire que la texture métallique est un peu différente de la texture des vernis de bases. J'ai appliqué deux couches pour un fini zéro défaut. La couleur Million Dollar Gold est une très belle couleur dorée avec un tas de petits shimmers dorés. C'est une couleur paaarfaite pour Noel mais bizarrement je ne suis pas sure que ce soit la meilleure couleur pour mon type de peau. Cela donnerait super bien sur une peau plus matte ceci-dit...

Fast Forward is more a rose gold silver metallic shade. I loooove this, it's more my cup of tea than the previous one :) Doesn't it look lovely?

La couleur Fast Forward quand à elle est plus un rose gold et je l'adooooore. C'est une super couleur qui me va super bien! Parfait pour les fêtes également...

I also got some cool nail stickers
J'ai aussi reçu des super stickers :) 

How cool are they?

What do we think ladies?

Toodles, Marilou

Thursday, December 13, 2012

On my nails today : OPI Go Nutty For Donutty

As mentioned in my yesterday's post, I got lucky I receive a super Christmas package at home from Planet Parfum. I was super excited of course and I this is the OPI nail polish I received. It's called OPI Go Nutty For Donutty and it's part of a collection named Astrid in Wonderland (which I think is a dutch TV Show) Yes yes, shame on me I live in Belgium but I don't watch any dutch tv shows. 

Comme je vous en parlais hier dans mon article, j'ai reçu un petit paquet surprise spécial Noël de la part de Planet Parfum. Le premier produit dont je voulais vous parler est le vernis OPI Go Nutty For Donutty qui fait partie d'une collection appelée Astrid In Wonderland. Je pense qu'il s'agit d'une série néérlandophone mais je vous avoue, bien que vivant en Belgique, je suis très peu au courant de l'actualité télévisée du nord de mon pays. Oui, la Belgique à deux cultures très différentes et nous ne suivons quasiment pas les mêmes programmes, n'avons pas les mêmes chaines, ni les mêmes journaux. Voilà pour la petite partie historico-culturelle de Belgique  :-) 

Go Nutty For Donutty is a GORGEOUS caramel shade. I don't think it is a taupe shade, I really think of caramel when I look at the bottle. Don't you? I just want to eat it to be honest.  It's a great "nude" shade that you can wear with pretty much everything. I think it works so-so with my skintone and in my opinion it would look "totes gorge"(I'm so cool) on a darker skin tone! The application was really good as per se, OPI never disappoints! I applied three coats because I have a serious three nail polish coats OC but two coats would be just fine as well!

Go Nutty for Donutty is est SUPERBE couleur caramel. Je ne dirais pas qu'il s'agit d'un taupe clair, selon moi, la première chose qui me vient à l'esprit quand je vois ce vernis c'est caramel! On aurait presque envie de le manger, gloups! C'est une très belle couleur assez "nude" qui se porte assez facilement. J'aime assez bien le rendu sur mes ongles  cependant, je trouve que cette couleur irait bien mieux sur une peau un poil plus foncé. Non? Genre petit nude bien sympathique. Voilà quoi.L'application était suuuper top, comme d'habitude avec OPI, pas de mauvaises surprises. J'ai quand même mis trois couches, car j'ai un fameux TOC avec mes couches de vernis mais deux couches auraient été amplement suffisantes. 

Tataaaam. Applied on my chubby hands! Do you like it? 
I do and I can't wait to wear this when I'll get a serious natural tan (hopefully soon!)

Et voilàààààà. Le petit précieux sur mes ongles? Vous aimez?
Perso, j'aime bien, ça donne ce petit côté sophistiqué mais tout en restant un peu originale.



Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It feels like Christmas before Christmas...

I was really happy to receive a special package by mail today!
It really feels like Christmas before Christmas as I have been spoiled by Planet Parfum with a special treat. I got many perfume samples, an OPI nail polish and the Lady Gaga Fame perfume! 
How sweet! I can't wait to show you guys everything :) 

J'étais super contente de découvrir un petit paquet spécial Noël de la part de Planet Parfum tout à l'heure en rentrant chez moi. Ca sent Noël avant l'heure à plein nez!  J'ai reçu un vernis OPI, le parfum Lady Gaga Fame et pleins d'échantillons de parfums.
J'ai hâte de tout tester et de vous en parler bientôt!

Thank you PURE & Planet Parfum for this early Christmas prezzie! 
Merci à PURE & Planet Parfum pour cette surprise pré-Noël!



Sunday, December 9, 2012

What I wore #18 Freezing day

I spent the day this friday in Liege with my boyfriend and we had such a great winter time. It was free-zing but I managed to take a pic and braving the cold to show you my winter outfit of the day!
I wore my new booties from H&M, I love them they are super comfy and they give that little rock and glam touch! LOL

Also, I keep you update with my daily life on instagram :)
I have been obsessed with pink lips at the moment so I have been wearing a LOT my Mac Pink Friday. Also I have been loving my H&M leather trousers and spending time at Starbucks!
I have been wearing a lot of arm candy, wearing candy pink nails and dying my hair Caramel with my favourite hair dye! 


Monday, December 3, 2012

My life on instagram #2

I finally have found the peeerfect montage application. It is called PhotoGrid and thanks to it I can now make very own little instagram photo montage. You can follow me here :)
Those are just some random pictures of my daily life in Belgium. 

And this is a pic I took when I went on a walk with my boyfriend.
It was the end of the day, well 4PM (thank you winter, thank you!) and this is what we saw the whole walk. It was such a delightful time :) 


Wishlist #6

All I want for Christmas is : 

- A gold Michael Kors watch
 - A small duffle DKNY satchel
- Black pointed heel by Zara
- Boots by Zara
 - Gold necklace by House of Harlow
- Clinique Chubby sticks

Xmas wishlist


Toodles, Marilou 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

KIKO Perfect Glow Foundation ♥

Before any beauty talk I just wanted to apologies for my lack of post this week...I mean, two or three weeks. Oooooopsie. This year has been pretty hectic. It's my last year therefore I have so much work to do, I work as a student when I can as well and my youtube videos are taking me so much time. Editing, filming, uploading....It takes a whole afternoon! Anyway I promise I coming back! 

Avant toute discussion beauté, je voulais m'excuser pour mon absence dernièrement mais entre une dernière année surchargée, un job étudiant sur le côté et des problèmes avec ma plateforme blogger...ce fut un peu difficile :) Il faut dire aussi que mes vidéos youtube me prennent beaucoup de temps car mine de rien entre la préparation, l'enregistrement, le montage et le téléchargement sur youtube...On peut compter une bonne après-midi! 

Many many many years ago, ok let's not exagerate but a few times ago Mac used to have a cream compact foundation in their foundation range. I used to love that foundation so much and then they discontinued it. Happily I have found a new one that I find rather similar : Kiko Perfect Glow Foundation. Those of you that don't know Kiko are missing out BIG TIMES. Check it online :) 
We don't have any Kiko store in Belgium but I went to the one in Lille and in Cologne. I adore the packaging. It's a very affordable product yet you get a very sleek packaging that are similar with mac products. 

Il y a biiiien longtemps, j'avais découvert le fond de teint compact MAC. Révélation pour moi car ce produit me donnait un teint parfum glowy et lumineux. J'aimais surtout le concept d'un fond de teint compact qui s'emporte partout avec soi dans son petit boitier poudrier. Malheureusement pour moi ce produit a été discontinué... Je n'ai jamais pu retrouver un produit similaire avec résultat satisfaisant jusqu'a ce que je découvre le fond de teint Compact Illuminant de chez KIKO. Même boitier et même résultat. Le packaging est assez chic et glam pour un produit si peu cher.

It's a creamy compact foundation with a medium coverage and a slightly dewy finish.
I carry this foundation around everywhere with me. I use it all the time to freshen up my make-up.
It's compact and thin so you can easily put it your bag. 

Le fini est assez lumineux et la couvrance est vraiment bonne, ni trop ni trop peu!
J'emporte ce fond de teint PARTOUT avec moi. C'est vraiment mon fond de teint sauveur en cas de retouche in extremis.  Le fait qu'il soit assez fin permet vraiment de le glisser dans tous mes sacs, que ce soit en journée ou pour une soirée resto avec le boyf. 

I got the shade 2 which is more my "tan" color as you can see on the swatch.
I couldn't find the shade 1 that's why I went for the darker one. It's such an amazing product, one of my favorite on-the-go foundation. 

J'ai pris la teinte 2 qui est un poil trop foncée pour ma couleur de peau naturelle mais elle est parfaite lorsque je porte de l'autobronzant! Il y avait une teinte plus claire mais elle n'était pas disponible ce jour là. Je pense que ce fond de teint pourrait convenir facilement à beaucoup de peaux car il n'est ni trop gras ni trop asséchant avec une couvrance moyenne  qui permet  de camoufler toutes ces horribles imperfections. En l'espace de trois mois, ce produit est devenu un indispensable de ma trousse à make-up et je suis en train de le le rachèterais sans hésiter.

Have you tried any KIKO foundation? 

Toodles, Marilou