Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A perfect evening

 =  spending some quality time with my dad :) 
(All together : Awwwwhhhhhhhhh )

Walking around Brussels and taking some random pictures.
This actually is a work of art tree. 

Eating the most delicious gyoza at Ebizu, Place Flagey.

Ramen noodles. NOM NOM.

Place Flagey.

Every good meal deserves a good dessert. 
Ps : they were whipped cream in the cone as well ☺

 My makeup today was very simple : nude lips with a heavier hand on the eyes.

I went for a liner in my waterline, thing I usually NEVER do as I always find it messy by the end of the day, it never stays even. But, I felt pretty daring and I used my Maybelline gel liner and surprisingly it wasn't that bad when I came back home. 

Also, I have been invited to an exhibition opening tomorrow with norvegian fashion designers, perfumers etc. = very exciting :) 

"Exposition itinérante et pop-up shop norvégien occupera le futur Centre de la Mode et du Design à Bruxelles Du 1er septembre au 5 septembre, le futur Centre de la Mode et du Design accueillera l'exposition conceptuelle itinérante Bergen - A pop-up Book. "


Saturday, August 20, 2011

On my nails today : Chanel Black Satin

Black nail polish is my ultimate favourite choice when it comes to picking a varnish.I have hundreds of colours but I always come back to black as I know you can't go wrong when wearing black nail polish.It's elegant with that little glam rock touch. 

I have three "black nail polish" rules :

♥Always wears black nail polish on short nails. I've tried on long nails but I've come to the conclusion that I looked like a teen goth.
♥Use a good base coat / top coat, everything you can do to prevent your nail polish  from chipping. Chipped black nail polish = the most disguting unclassy thing in the world ☹ (in my opinion)
♥Avoid the matte finish look when it comes to black nail polish. You wanna go shiny. The glossier, the better!

Black Satin by Chanel is the darkest shade of black I own. It's a basic that every girl should own just as the famous LBD.

Have a great day!


Thursday, August 18, 2011


I've been into cute makeup brushes holder.

Homemade pancakes with maple syrup :)

My new mini pedi mani kit from H&M

I can't believe it was 1,99€ Bargain!

I can't get over glitter nail polishes. Glitter nails are so this season. It's gonna be in every nail collection this fall/winter even Essie is getting some glitter (finally!)

My models own Pink Fizz.. I flippin love this little gem!

 I'm no longer a fake tan virgin guys!
I've been enjoying my fabulous tan a LOT.
Post to come ;-)


Random street. I just love playing around with my camera. 

My current Mac blushes collection. I can't believe they are all mate or cream. NO SHIMMER?
I must relieve this situation a.s.a.p

My new triangle earrings from Asos. I'm obsessed , they look so 80's. 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

These dreams under my pillow...

Oh Land - White Nights


Monday, August 15, 2011

On my nails today

Models Own  - Pink fizz and Opi - Opi Ink

Opi Ink is an incredible yet hard to describe colour. At first it looks like a shimmery purple, then with some lights it turns into this wonderful shimmery blue.

To add a little touch of fun, I went for some massive glitter on my ring nail with Pink Fizz.

I have some of the Metro collection nail polishes by China Glaze coming my way. I can not wait to get them.I'm so over summer nail polishes, all I want is to embrace fall collections. Essie has some gorgeous collections coming!

Have a great day :) 


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Liz Earle to the rescue ♥

My skin was flaking from head to toe and had never felt so moistless when Liz Earle kindly came to my rescue after a tremendous amount of hours spent desperatly looking for products to save my skin from the damages caused by the Tenerife sun. Sun is dangerous kiddies, don't mess with it, especially if you have some ginger genes like me.  I was sent : the Gentle Face Exfoliator to get rid of the dead cells, the Superskin Concentrate to get my moist back face wise and the Superskin Body cream to finally be able to wear skirts without the fear of my legs/arms getting all flaky during the day.


The Gentle Face Exfoliator : (£12,50)  I had this very odd idea that the rougher was the exfoliator, the better were the results. Well, I was wrong. You must treat your skin with respect and your skin will give it all back to you. That's my new skin motto :)  This exfoliator is everything I was expecting. Gentle yet efficient, my skin feels incredibly smooth and within three days I was finally flakes free. You can use it on a daily basis, it will not dry your skin out. "With purifying eucalyptus, skin softening cocoa butter (dreamy!), and specially selected jojoba butter" If you already have the Cleanse&Polish from the same range, they smell and look pretty similar packaging wise. My skin looks doubly radiant after using both of them.

The Superskin Concentrate(£18) "With organic roiseship oil, argan oil, neroli oil and natural vitamin E" Oh my days. This what I call a recipe for success.  This is a night-time concentrate little roller-ball pack filled with some of the best oils out there = Christmas for you skin . I'm in love with the smell, which can be overpowering if you don't like essential oils.  It penetrates pretty quickly leaving you with a plumpy-comfy feeling. This is such a pleasant product to use. After a good month of use I still have half of the bottle left as a little goes a long way! The travel size is super easy to carry around but I'm not sure I like the roller-ball that much as I found it difficult to use when the bottle is half empty. I'll rather go for the full size version with a pump.

The Superskin Body Cream : (£27,50) "With shea butter, organic roseship oil, cranberry seed oil, pomegranate extract and neroli oil" This body moisturizer is said to prevent moisture loss and improve skin elasticity to leave your skin visibly plump, smooth and supple.  Well this is a very accurate description as this is exactly what it did to my skin. I got my moist back and my skin really felt smooth and plump. I absolutely love that it is moisturizing yet not sticky. You can apply this in the morning and you're good to go, it doesn't take hours to penetrate and the pleasant moist feeling lasts all day long. (I did check)

The texture is unctuous and goes on so well during the application. 

I'm head over heels with my Liz Earle products. I can not recommand this brand enough, they're always filling my high skin expectations. I'm looking forward to trying more of their range, I heard their masks were also super efficient. You can order Liz Earle from their website and the great news is that they ship to Belgium ! All together : glory to Liz Earle  :-)

Xo, Marilou 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Girls Aloud fake lashes ♥

You probably already know about the Girls Aloud fake lashes collection by Eyelure.
They're cheap (Belgique : 5,99€ à l'Inno) and look fantastic. My favourite must be the one by Sarah. 

They are not as dramatic as the one by Cheryl and you can definitely wear them on a daily basis without looking to overdone.
 I agree with her on "wear them all the time", I would too if I had the patience to do it every morning.

I love how a good pair of fake lashes change your eyes in a sec' and because these one are longer at the outer corner they give you the most  glamorous cat-eyes  ever. 

The application was not super easy as I'm not very steady and I had to redo it three times before I was happy with it. I don't like when you see the difference between your lashes and the fake ones so I make sure they are to the closest one from another.

To finish the look, I went for a basic black liner to redefine my top lash line. 
I adore how intensely black they are!

And voila! Final result :) 

I wish I could wear fake lashes every single day to be honest with you as I absolutely love the result.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

You make me wanna say I do, I do, I do, do do do do do do doo

 Today I got my new camera (My dad is the best ☺). I swear I'll never dare making a post with some blurry photobooth pictures ever again, for blog's sake. No need to say that I was a very happy bunny and I couldn't stop taking pictures. It became kind of lame when I started taking pictures of the sidewalk though. Oh, well.

Lately my life hasn't been the most exciting, working 5 hours a day in a department store (makeup counter to be accurrate) in Brussels, studying for the accounting exam that I have to retake and seeing some friends from times to times. I can't wait for september to come around : my birthday, mini trips, indian summer, fall collection... Anyways, I hope you guys will enjoy the new quality of my pictures. It will definitely be very beneficial for my nails and makeup swatches.

WARNING : you're gonna have to put up with some random personnal life telling pictures from now on 

My outfit today. 
First dress I've been wearing without thights since July 12th (yes I wrote it down, sadly) thanks to this "amazing" summer weather. 

This nail polish is from Urban Outfitters. Two years ago from a brand named Sparkle and Fade.
It reminds me of Ski teal we drop by Opi

Walking around in Brussels.

 Some major bird's nests.

My hair colour is quite confusing at the moment.
Should I go massive ginger or go back to brunette ?
Decisions decisions...

Delicious lebanese food. My favourite!

Hope you're all good. A special massive hug to my UK fellow bloggers, stay safe!
PS : In case you were wondering the title of this post is the song Colbie Caillat - I do :) 
Xo, Marilou

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Damaged hair : Wella Pro Series + Avocado oil

I was hanging out in the beauty department of my nearest grocery store (fun times) when I stumbled accross these new shampoos by Wella.
They are from the range pro series which are supposably "inspired by stylists, developed with experts"
I went for the shampoo and conditionner in Repair to help my after-vacays hair getting back to normal.
The sun and sea salt really damaged my silky head of hair (I wish!!!) so It was a great occasion to try these products out.

The good : You get 500ml for less then 5 euros which I thought was good value for your money.

The bad : Well, pretty much everything else that I didn't mention in the good. The smell is just horrendously too chemical and overpowering, I hated it. The consistency wasn't the best, I didn't feel like my hair were repaired at all. The conditionner was ok but I have tried much better ones. It did make my hair easier to brush but I didn't see any differences in the damaged hair area.


So, what I did : 
I went to a store near to my work that sells every kind of essential oils and I bought avocado oil.
A thick, über greasy and pure avocado oil. It is so pure that it comes out green, it seems like Shrek was squeezed and put into that tiny bottle.
You can obviously use that oil to moisturize your body but also your hair.
I did an avocado oil hair mask all over my head and slept all night long with it with a towel on top.
It was super greasy and not the best night I ever had but the result was amazing.
Once washed the morning after, my hair were so lustruous and felt like brand new!

What a miracle ! I would recommand doing an all over your hair mask with that once every month  as it is very very very greasy and from times to times just spread some over your split ends just to maintain the healthiness of your hair!

It was about 7 euros. I'm so pleased with the result so that was definitely worth it.
What I love the most about it is that is it 100% natural, no chemical crap whatsoever :)


Saturday, August 6, 2011

NOTD : Vermillionaire

Apologies for the lack of post , it's not that I don't want to but I can't find my camera's charger and it is driving me nuts. I had to take some pictures with my photobooth instead!
 It may be time for a new camera I guess (Hi daddy ☺) mine is so old and gives the worst pictures . 

Anywoo , I had to show you my nail polish of the day.
A fabulous bright yet not neon orange by Essie called Vermillionaire.

 I have it for about a year but I never wore it before.
What a shame as it is the prettiest orange colour ever!

The application was soooo great. It was opaque and creamy only two coats were necessary!

Hi guys!!! LOL

I'm back with my false nails at the moment to celebrate the come back of Jersey Shore on tv.
YAY. Omg I so do need to go visit New Jersey one day.

Hope everyone is well.

Bisous, Marilou