Monday, February 28, 2011

NOTD : Top turquoise

Hi girls, 

Nothing better than wearing a bright turquoise blue nail varnish to cheer you up when the sky is grey.
And, oh, no surprise, it is today. *SMH*
Glad we're finally ending this month, I'm more than ready to embrace the spring.

Don't you feel that we already went through every nail polish trend?
I mean, neon, glitter, crackle, matte, nude, pastel, greige...
I really am curious to know what is up next, what will be the big colour trend this summer/fall.

I find this colour very similar to one colour Lauren Conrad was wearing a while ago.
That's an even better reason to wear it :) 

Have a great day :) 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

3 years of photobooth

I have my MacBook for already 3 years. He is getting old and this might be the year to buy a new one.
He has followed me everywhere, has travelled with me, has been through every hair cuts and hair colours, different tans, the good and the bad.
I have billions of photo in my photobooth and because I had to sort out how photoshop works I made a little photomontage (yeah right...the escuse of the year). 
I'm sure you can notice the mediocrity of it, but hey, I'm a photoshop newbie!
It's funny to look back at old pictures and eventually admit that I love taking pictures of my proper self.
Not for the whole pounting and posing thing  (Okay I do pout and over-pose at times, don't judge! LOL) but more for looking back at it, and..Really? What was I thinking ?..or.. Oh I remember, that was the day I went there and that happened :) 
Don't you photobooth yourself from times to times? Or Am I a creepy me-myself-and-I bitch ??

Raaaaann-dom :) 


Mac Cremeblend Blushes

Hi girls,

I have such a busy weekend ahead, I got my results yesterday and I pretty much nailed all my exams :) So , yay to me , that's one step forward to my dream job : Beauty PR.

Lately, I've read so many tweet about the Mac Cremeblend blushes being discontinued and bla and bla.
At first , I wasn't that astonished because I know that many customers did complain about the texture of these cremeblend blushes : overdewy, overoily,  oversticky..

But It seemed strange that Mac would totally discontinued their cremeblend blushes. I mean, they're a pretty important part of the blushes range and every brand have somewhere a creme blush.
Indeed, Mac discontinued their old blushes to recreate new ones, sometimes with new colours and most important with a new formula and a new texture.

These are the two blushes I have from the "old" formula range : 

Ladyblush and Lillicent

I know that I love creme blushes more than powder blushes as I love the dewy finish.
However, I do think that they are a little bit too sticky and give an OVER-dewyness finish.

I also do find them very hard to apply with your fingers. I mean, I own many others creme blushes from Illamasqua or even Nars and I find the application way more easy.

On the left, Ladyblush which is more of a pink shade and on the right Lillicent which is way more coral and recreate a natural cheek colour.

 I was bummed to learn that Lillicent would NOT be coming back though the colour is fantastic.

 Because the application with your fingers is really messy and apply them with a fluffy brush that provides a very nice finish.

You can see the swatches from the new cremeblend blushes here and here 

Are you going to buy the new cremeblend blushes  ?? (I am!)
What are your thoughts on the old version?
Let me know :)

Have a great weekend,

Muchos xoxos,Marilou

Thursday, February 24, 2011

NOTD : Juicy Jules


My new love from Models Own. The faaabulous glittery holographic Juicy Jules. 

I've always wanted to get my hands on Gosh Holographic , but It is always out ot stock..
 so I was  a bundle of joy when I heard about this GLITTERY version of holographic! 

This varnish is so unique and I'm going to wear it with a very casual, black and grey outfit to make it pop even more.. I can already feel the astonished glances and hear the "Ooooohhhhhhh WOAW"  :)

Aren't my nails screaming PAAARTY or what ? Hehe

The application was, like every glittery nail polish not so easy but the trick is that you need to wait a little between each coat. I applied 3 coats for an optimal coverage.
 I'm sure this varnish would look lovely on tops of others colours!

Models Own always comes out with fantastic colours and this one is no exception :)
What do we think ladies?

Have a great day everyone 


British knows it best

Hi girls,

I have been so overwhelmed with uni assignements lately. It seems like it's getting crazier each week. 
The results of my january session are given tomorrow and I'm about to have a nervous breakdown just thinking about it. 
I took a day off today, I woke up so late and..what is up with the weather. Last week it felt like spring already, I was wearing flats and a blazer then out of nowhere the snow came back. What the hell?
So, you know, I'm just cuddling in bed with a cup of tea (how british of me) watching Modern Family and Friends. Good times.

I have noticed that a major part of my iPod is filled with British singers. 
Needless to say that I have a massive adoration for everything british-related, I would even venture to say I'm a little british-obsessed. 
I already know that I'm going to end up in England, one way or another. 
With chance, I'll even catch the British accent. "Oh my geauud, this is geauwjeaus heauney" 
I'm a french native speaker but I just know for so long that I'm meant to speak English. 
I've always been so passionated about it and I always feel deeply happy when I can practice it :) 
No wonder why my favourites blogger are Uk-based.

Since this summer I've spent in London, I'm hooked with British culture. 
Scones, cuppa, Don't tell the bride, Gok, british punctuality, Cadburry eggs, write xx at the end of each tweet and call each others hun/babe/my love, X Factor, amazing and outstanding fashion, the Estenders, Nigella, fancy accent, Primark and of course, british singers,

British knows it best :)

Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love

                                Adele - One and Only

    Kate Nash - foundations

                    Lilly Allen - Little things

   The Noisettes - Never forget you

     Ellie Goulding - The Writer

    VV Brown - Back in time 
So, that was a pretty random non-related makeup post, but I felt like sharing my deep love for British culture once and for all :) 


Monday, February 21, 2011

NOTD : Seriously hip

One of my ultimate favourite khaki/goldish varnish from MAC.
It was from a collection though so you canno't find it on store anymore, but perhaps on Ebay.
A dupe for this colour is Mash by Nars!


xo Marilou

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish ♥

Hi girlies :) 

I've been conctated by the lovely Andrea from Liz Earle who sent me over the oh-so famous Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.

I was very excited to be finally able to try out this multi award-winning cleanser as I've read about it on many blogs such as Pixiwoos or Makeuploover and many others.

It is always difficult for me to find good skin care products because my skin is very sensitive and tends to get really, really dry.

I've been using Cleanse & Polish for a good week now and I am so pleased and satisfied with this product.

♥ The application is very easy, you just need to  massage one or two pumps onto your dry skin then use the previously dipped in hot water muslin cloth and gently wipe off the cream with it.

♥ One thing that really amazed me is that my skin didn't feel the immediate and very uncomfortable moistureless sensation.

♥ I like the fact that is has a pump, I find it very hygienic and practical.

My skin has never been so soft and purified

♥ My pores are deeply cleaned and blackheads free. Wow 

♥ The cleanser has a very refreshing smell and an unctuous texture.

Gentle yet effective, it removes ALL OF MY MAKEUP even stubborn mascara (and I wear A LOT of mascara ) and leaves my skin radiant.

♥ The pure muslin cloth (= l'essui de mousseline) is brillant and exfoliate the skin perfectly. 
Because it is gentle, you can exfoliate on a daily basis and lift away dead skin cells and impurities.

♥ Cherry on the cake, for such an amazing product the price is very affordable : 15 euros for a starting kit with a 100ml bottle + 2 muslin cloths. Definitely worths it ! 
I'm already planning on getting more and more of this cleanser. My new favourite!

I'm utterly satisfied satisfied with my Cleanse & Polish therefore I'm definitely looking forward to getting more of Liz Earle products in the near future. 
As I am a moisturize freak, I have my eyes on their skin repair moisturizer and mask.

You can order their  fabulous range of products online here  (they do deliver worldwide :) Yay)

What do we think ladies? Have you ever tried it ? Or any recommandations for my next LizEarle buy?
Hope everyone is doing fantastic, have a great weekends ladies


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Must have : Jessica Quick Dry

I am so keen to share with you my latest discovery :

Jessica - Quick Dry Oil.

At first, I was very sceptical  when I saw all that liquids.
How can oil can dries your nail polish in 60 seconds?
Well, I'm not a scientist and I have no clue why, but IT DOES WORK.

Obviously, it will take a wee bit longer if you apply 4 super thick coats.

Actually, the dropper application makes it super easy to use. 
Maybe even more than your usual Seche Vite / Good to go by Essie because you can apply it right away without damaging the application with the brush.

You must apply ONE drop on each nails after using your topcoat.

I am in total awe with this product because not only it dries my varnish in a sec but prevents it from chipping! It seems like my varnish is stuck to my nails and there is no way it will go away other than with a good nail polish remover.

I swear, my nail polish haven't chipped ALL DAY, it looks brand new =  ♥ 
(don't forget to use a bonder base and a topcoat!!!!)

Have you ever tried it ? 


Monday, February 14, 2011

My January Favourites

False nails by Nailene. I adore them, they look impressively natural and are easy to apply.
♥ Hema eyeliner. Best. eye. liner. ever. used. 
♥ Givenchy Phénom'eyes I went back to using it because it gives the best natural curled lashes
♥ Bourjois healthy mix. I've barely touched my other foundations since I got this little baby
♥ Sugarbomb by Benefit. My everyday highlight and blush. It enhances my skin in a sec.
Laguna Bronzer by Nars. My everyday bronzer that provides the perfect winter tan needed.

Marilou , XO

NOTV-DAY : Lovie Dovie

Love is in the air. 
With or without a valentine, 
it's time go all lovie dovie and share some love to your surroundings,boyfriend, lover, dogs or whatever..

This colour is the perfect barbie/cute pink .

I am actually a sucker for the colour pink.
My room is filled with pink, all my accessories must be pink, I live pink, I breathe pink, I can't resist buying something if it is pink (and sparkly is a plus!).. but weirdly I barely wear pink.
I own many pink nailpolishes that I never wear because I find it horrendously ugly with my skin tone, it makes me look piggy all the way. But I love how this kind of pink looks on a darker skin tone.
What a fascinating theory we have here! LOL

Have a great day :)


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Must have : E.l.f Kabuki face brush

I have a major crush on my E.l.f kabuki face brush.
Let me demonstrate you why : 

I've been using it for about 5 months now and to my pleasant surprise it hasn't lost any hair so far..
*cough cough* not like my mac 182 that is nearly bold* 
It is the softest brush that I have EVER used
I've washed it countless time and the softness hasn't fade away. It is still very dense and provides an excellent application.
The price. Icing on the cake. 5 euros
deep ♥

xo , Marilou

Saturday, February 12, 2011

1 year !

I can't believe it's been a year since my first post.
Time has flown, and I really wanted to say thank you to everybody.
Blogging has brought me so much, and I am so proud to be part of the blogosphere, to share and to interact with all of you :)
I'm looking forward to this new year of blogging to come.

xo, Marilou

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

NOTD : Below Deck

Hello girlies ,

I'm having kind of a nail polish life crisis.
When you own loads of varnishes, loads of differents colours, some point you kind of get easily bored with the new collections.
It always seems like I already have a dupe somewhere in my nail polish collection. Bummer.
So at the very outset , when I saw the Anchors Away  collection by China Glaze, I wasn't THAT excited, nothing that really caught my attention... *the varnish crisis*

 Then, when I saw the swatches on Vampy Varnish, I literally fell in love  with Below Deck.

*Staring at my nails... I DIE*

 It's official, I have a new favourite colour. 

I have NO dupe of this fabulous grey-taupe-purplely unique colour.
Apparently, it is a dupe for Sephora by Opi - Metro Chic and also a new version of Channelesque by 
China Glaze, and a lighter version of Models own - Purple Grey and....
Well, to be quite honest with you, I don't really care because IT'S GORGEEEOOOOUUUUS ♥____♥
and that's all that really matters hehe.

As always, China glaze didn't disappoint with the quality : Incredibly creamy and opaque .

My nail polish life crisis is over. Well, for at least a good week :) 

What do we think ladies?


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lauren Conrad Style book

I finally got my hands of the Lauren Conrad style book. I bought it in Waterstone's brussels (My favourite and only english book store in brussels ). It was 18 euros .

I'm so thrilled, I was waiting for the book to be release for such a long time.
I'm obsess (in a good way) with Lauren Conrad since The Hills a
nd I think she had made her way through her career as a writer and as a fashion designer.

The cover is very simple , but sometimes less is more!
 She looks stunningly beautiful as always.

The book is not revolutionnary as I like to hope that everyone knows that a t shirt is a key piece to your wardrobe but the book gives some good tips and have some gorgeous pictures of her.

It has a lot of inside jokes and its write with a lot of Very laurenconradesque humour .

The make up part was my favourite part. That really makes the book complete and worths buying it because I love Lauren Conrad's make up artist Amy Nadine and she gives you all her tips there .

I went "yay" when I saw the page dedicated to nailpolish described as the unexpected accesory. So true! Nailpolish is more than just make up, it's an accesory and it's so easy to spice up your outfit with a good choice of nailpolish colour

Have a great end of the week :-)


Monday, February 7, 2011

My morning skin care routine ♥

I'm having a love affair with skin care products. I never really blogged about it maybe because it is not as glamorous as showing a brand new lipstick but I reckon that this might interest you as what is more important than a glowy/healthy skin to start any good makeup application?I always choose my skin care products carefully as my skin is very sensitive and I tend to have really bad breakout if my combination type of skin is not well taken care of.I've been trying loads of differents products with the aim of finally getting the perfect skin.. 
So far, so good.. I haven't been disappointed but I love to try new products and discover new brands
For the last month, my morning skin care routine has totally changed from what I'm used to..

I wash my face with Avène - Cleanance Gel which I L.O.V.E as it is a soapless cleanser. I used to wash my skin with the La Roche Posay, Effaclar cleanser but it was too harsh for my skin.  Avène cleanser doesn't dry my skin out and leave my face with a perfect clean feeling.  It is such a good product to use on a daily basis.

 Then I  consciously apply my 50+ Bioderma sunscreen . Such a crucial step, and no 22 years old is not too young to prevent your skin from the sun's damages.

And eventually, I apply ..*drumrolls* my new little baby, my Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré  which is, hands down, the best nourishing moisturizer I have ever used so far in my life (and god only knows how many of them I've tried) It has the perfect fluid texture but yet moisturize perfectly without leaving you with a greasy feeling! My skin is so soft and nourished thanks to this cream! I also love that it is paraben free ! Yay As you can see , it's almost empty and I am definitely rebuying it :)

And voilà, hope this was helpful, don't hesitate if you have any request or question.
What is your skin care routine? Let me know if you have any great recommandation!!


Sunday, February 6, 2011

NOTD : Light as air

I think I choose to wear Light as air today because the weather is finally getting better. 
By better of course, I meant not freezing as hell. 
I can already smell spring, which is just around the corner. 
I'm so sick and tired of winter, I am ready for spring to finally show up!

This colour is so sweet, fresh and girly, in other words :  Perfect for spring!

I have been quite busy these days, massively due to uni and also to many birthday celebrations. 
Haven't you notice that february is THE month of birthdays. It seems like most of my friends were born this month. 
Hope everyone is doing well, 


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Look what I won

I was brimming when excitement when the lovely Barbara from Barttart sent me an email few weeks ago announcing that I had won her first giveaway.
Not only I love her blog, she has been on my sidebar blog for a while but this is the first giveaway I have ever won. Yay to me :) 

I got my prizes and I am so happy. Thank you so much Barbara!!!

♥one amazing nail polish from Sally Hansen (swatch to come) in Hidden Treasure. I can already tell you that it is looking so spectacular!

♥One Urban Decay Primer potion. I already have one of this and I am so happy to get a back up as this is by far one of the best eye primer !!!

♥ 4 Bond perfumes. I can tell you that they SMELL AMAZING. Such a nice discovery :)

♥ And finally, a smashbox travel brush kit. These brushes are incredibly soft and very useful . I have no other brushes like these, I am so glad these are mine now :)

Yes, indeed... I felt the urge to write this post in order to brag about my prizes :D 
Thanks again to the lovely Barbara for helding this fab giveaway.
Muchos xoxos, Marilou

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NOTD : Chanel - Rouge Noir

Rouge Noir is one of the first nailpolish I've ever bought and I have bought maybe 3 bottles during the past few years.. I haven't worn this colour for maybe a year though because I've been through a wacky colour phase and I was sooo bored with wine colours.
My philosophy is that I will have plenty of time to wear this kind of colours when I will be older so I tend to go very wacky and enjoying my nails's youth nowadays..
I'm surprise to see how my love for this colour haven't change and I do love a good old wine colour on my nails from time to time... but I'll surely be back to something a little bit more exciting tomorrow.
This colour is without the shadow of a doubt timeless.  It's edgy but yet classy and simple.

What is your timeless colour? The colour that you will never get tired of ?

Muchos xoxos, Marilou

Base fard à paupières : l'étape CRU-CIALE

"Mais cooooomment tu faiiiis pour que ton fard à paupières tienne toute la journée ? "

Voici mon secret : 

*roulements de tambours*

La base de fard à paupière .

Alors à quoi donc peut bien servir la base de fard à paupière?

Ca lisse et "modifie" la surface de la paupière ce qui permet au fard à paupière d'adhérer correctement a la paupière mais surtout d'y RESTER, car malheureusement certaines d'entre nous sont victimes du syndrôme de "la paupière grasse" = lorsque votre superbe maquillage smokey qui vous à pris 3 heures ne tiendra pas toute la journée ou toute la nuit.

Certaines personnes n'ont pas besoin de base (bitches) mais si vous remarqué qu'en milieu de journée votre petit smokey de la mort qui tue de ce matin ne ressemble plus à rien et que vous vous retrouvez avec pleins de plis disgrâcieux ...vous avez bel et bien la paupière grasse...

La base permettra aussi de sublimer la couleur de votre fard à paupière et de faciliter l'application. (Je confirme!)

HEUREUSEMENT, il y a les bases qui sont la pour nous permettre d'etre a la fois working-girl et glamorous toute la journée . 
Perso je ne sais PLUS m'en passer, même quand je ne met qu'un fard à paupières nude car la base me permet de garder un regard zéro défault...

Attention, afin d'éviter de regraisser votre paupière, n' y appliquez PAS de fond de teint ...Juste la base .. (conseil de pro qui à changé ma vie). Le fond de teint n'est pas une base. Nononononon.

Mes 3 bases chouchoutes sont : (de gauche à droite)

Mac Prep & Prime Light : Très bonne base, qui ne vous laissera pas tomber en plein dancefloor endiablié. Elle coûte dans les environs de 20€ chez MAC , ce n'est pas donner mais cela fait un an que je l'ai, je l'utilise presque tous les jours et le pot et encore super rempli vu qu'on ne doit utiliser qu'un tout petit peu!

Urban Decay  Primer Potion : Alors cette base je l'ai "reçue" dans ma Book of Shadows vol. III 
et je l'A-DOOORE! Un peu plus difficile d'application niveau du petit pinceau mais la tenue est vraiment bien! Il se trouve chez Sephora (QUI LIVRE MAINTENANT EN BELGIQUE...allez-y hurlez!) ceci est la petite version du primer potion et je pense racheter la grande une fois que j'en aurais fini avec celui la!

Mac Paint Pot - Painterly : Alors niveau tenue, bizarrement elle marche moins bien pour moi mais ce que j'aime c'est que c'est une sorte de 2 en 1 fard à paupière nude (il y a d'autres couleurs) + base.
Je ne l'utilise pas en base pour un smokey mais je l'utilise par contre comme fard à paupière de tous les jours comme je déteste me balader avec la paupière nue... (+-20€ chez MAC)

Anecdote : Je me devais de faire cet article car hier j'étais assise pendant 20 bonnes minutes face à une fille qui n'avait pas mis de base et qui avait tenté un smokey eye... c'était horrible je n'arretais pas de l'observer et de compter ses plis disgracieux (elle a sûrement du me prendre pour une dingue au passage..)
J'avais trop envie de la secouer et de lui dire "Mais tu ne vooois paaas qu'il y a quelque chose qui cloooche dans ton makeup, viens on va chez Mac c'est moi qui invite" , mais non donc suite à cet épisode, une idée lumineuse m'est venue : écrire un article afin de vous dire que tout n'est pas perdu, VOUS N'êtes PAS SEUL ... on peut survivre à la paupière grasse. 

Voila voila :) Bonne journée! Marilou