Tuesday, December 27, 2011

VO5 Miracle concentrate

Hope you all had a lovely christmas weekend with your family and friends :) 

I wanted to write a little post on the VO5 Miracle concentrate as it is one of the most exciting hair product I have been using this year. Mostly because it is a brand you only can get in the UK ( hence the extra excitement ) and after reading all these good reviews I was really looking forward to try this "magical elixir".
 This product is actually really affordable and it claims to contain argain oil although argan oil is one of the most expensive oil out there at the moment. (a bit confusing but...) Anyways, it is really affordable and have the most amazing smell ever. I swear to god I am so addicted to the smell, I like to open it just to sniffle it. I really feel a difference in my hair after using this. I'm not sure it has a real effect on them on the long term but more of a day to day effect. I would call it more of a hair enhancer of the day!

It is said to be a leave-in treatment, which can be tricky as you might feel like the product is getting to oily and makes your hair look greasy. You really need to apply a ridiculous amount of this on the ends of your hair (or by the middle) but I would avoid the top! The pump makes it easier to proportion the right amount wanted. As you can see, the bottle is more than half empty. I have been using this for a good 3 months now and I still have lots in the bottle ! Very convenient, this is going to last forever!

I really love using this product if I didn't use a hair mask before, I feel like it disciplines them a bit :)
I'm looking forward to trying more of the VO5 range in the shampoo and mask category.

Have you tried this ? 



  1. Merry Christmas sweety :p

    j'ai déjà utilisé de l'huile d'Argan et c'est juste SUPER!! En plus ça ne rend pas les cheveux gras contrairement à ce qu'on peut croire!

  2. Yeah, it's something I want to try too. Xx

  3. I love this product, I have recently ran out and been using up my mythic oil instead! They re both amazing!! X