Friday, December 16, 2011

Sleek vixen lipstick

Believe it or not, I do not own a lot of red lipsticks. Actually I think this is only my first or second.
I always used to thought that red lips were not for me. Red or bright pink.
I was more used to wearing nude and pale pinky colours. But when aging , I felt more like a woman (LOL) and therefore felt the need to wear something more ladylike and daring.
Every girl should own one, you just have to find that red tone that is going to suit you.
I've heard of Sleek lipsticks sooo much and by already using their eyeshadow palettes I know I wouldn't be disappointed with the quality!
I went for the shade Vixen which is said to be "sheer".

It's a very bright "light" red. Now that I have use this, I feel more like going on a more medium or even dark red. It's pretty and bright but it feels like it clashes too much with my skin tone when I'm pale.

The texture is incredible. Super smooth and creamy with a slight glossy finish that goes the distance.
Even when removing it, my lips are a bit red stained!

Here's the swatch. I wore it on my 23rd birthday this year 

Cherry and Mulberry are the next one on my wishlist! 
What's your favourite Sleek shade?

XO, Marilou


  1. such a beautiful shade of red. I love how its wearable. You looked beautiful on your bday. :)

  2. Hands down my favourite Sleek lipstick is Mulberry. I just adore it! But Vixen could be a close second...
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I hear such good things about Sleek think I may have to try it out. I'm not brave enough to try lipstick but I think I want to get a lipstain from Sleek x

  4. I have a few Sleek lipsticks but I always forget to wear them. I'd really like to try Mulberry, it looks like a perfect winter colour xx

  5. Personnellement, je louche sur le Stiletto depuis un p'tit moment, mais en fait j'arrive pas à passer le cap du ROUGE à lèvres...
    En plus on m'a toujours dis qu'il fallait des lèvre impeccablement blanche pour porter du rouge (merci mon père, le thé et le tabac)
    Anyway un jour je vais devoir prendre mon destin en main et sauter le pas!
    (Un jour, pas tout de suite hein... je suis trop jeune encore ^^)

  6. Correction *Des DENTS impeccablement blanche!
    (même si tes lectrices anglophones elles ne le verront même pas :p)

  7. Put*** de mer** BlancheS avec un S ...
    Bon j'arrête de te flooder!

  8. Sleek sounds like a such a good brand! I really need to get my hands on some bits. That lipstick looks so pigmented!
    Great post :) xxxx