Sunday, December 18, 2011

On my nails today : Circus confetti

Bring on the festive nails!
This is one of my first Essence nail polish. Essence is a reallyyy cheap brand (that you can find at Kruidvat for those living in Belgium) that sells mostly nail polishes and makeup. Wee hee ! When I say really cheap...I mean it. This nail polish was 1,79€ and it was one of the most expensive one , as the little one were 1,29€. Bargain! 

When I saw this multi glittery chunky bottle, I immediately thought of a dupe for "Happy Birthday" by Lippmann and "Rainbow Connection" by OPI.

 It has a clear base coat so it's majorly chunky glitter from all kind of colors!

Without the flash, you can see that after 3 massive coats it was hard covering the entire nail.
I do like the finish though and in real life you don't focus on the fact that it isn't covering the entire nail as it is soooo shiny and blingy! 

With the flash this time. It is definitely a dupe for Lippmann "Happy Birthday" after looking at swatches online and such a great alternative for only 1,79€!

I also got my hands on other nail polishes from ESSENCE. The makeup also was looking pretty good but I didn't really know what to go for , what were the must have but I'll definitely try some in a very near future!

What do we think over this chunky gem ladies ?

Happy sunday! 
XO, Marilou 


  1. Wow it's definitely a dupe for Happy birthday. What a bargain! xx

  2. Husband got me DL's Happy Birthday, and while they are not exactly similar, the effect is basically the same: happy, bright glitter :)
    I love them both. Too bad glittery nail polishes are such a pain to remove ;)

  3. Beautiful! ♥ I want this nail polish!

  4. I wrote a post about this nail polish recently :) I love it!