Friday, December 23, 2011

My most worn nail polishes

While trying to sort my nail polish stash out I noticed that some of the bottles were really empty or half full due to my excessive use of them, so I decided to make a little "most worn nail polishes" post. It seem like I'm such a classic girl with classic tastes when I see that most of them are black, red and nude. I do love a good crazy colour but on a daily basis I always go for something that goes easily with anything.

You can't go wrong with dark shades. Ever. I always go for OPI nail polishes to pick them as they have such a wide range with the amazing quality that follows. 

On the OPI side. My most worn nail polishes are :
Give me moor / Suzi skies in the Pyrenees / Lincoln park after dark /  Time Less is More / Sweet Heart

On the China Glaze side :
VIII / Flip flop fantasy /  Seduce Me / Heli-Yum

And randomly : 
Orly - Pure porcelain / Essie - Haute as Hello / Models Own - Purple Grey.

What are YOUR most worn nail polishes? (Go check your bottles) :-) 



  1. i don't know why, but it makes me kind of happy when i see that my nailpolishes are lessening. it just proves to me how much i love that particular product. i like A LOT of nailpolishes. and i try to alternate all of them everytime i change my nail color. (I kind of have loads and loads of nailpolishes.) but i think my go to color would be between dark blue, black, and purple. i really like dark colors on nails. :D

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  2. As my nail polish collection is quite recent I don't have polishes half empty...
    Those days I'm a blue person. I've noticed that I'm wearing a lot of blue. And a lot of glitter (OPI Last Friday Night) to do an accent nail or a "dégradé" (tiens, je ne sais pas dire ça en anglais ! Too bad! ^^)


  3. Such pretty colours! My nails always seem to be blue. x hivennn

  4. lovely colors, I switch regularly between black & red, two of my faves!

  5. I love this post! Though it makes me feel bad that none of my polishes are as empty as yours! Must try and use some of them up! xx

  6. I have the Orly Pure Porcelian an its also my fav! Great post! Now following! xoxo