Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tough night make up of the day.

First of all, I wanna thank you all for letting such sweet comments and showing support on my last post! It really was so kind and heartwarming! After such an awful night/day I had to bring back my crazy tired ass at uni. My face was looking a bit swollen and discomfited from all the crying and sadness so I had to get my secret weapon out to look back to normal : MAKE UP.
I'll be forever grateful for the man that ever created that, seriously. 

My favourite recipe for a fresh face after a tough night is good foundation + bare eyelids + good mascara + ton of different blushes (the more, the merrier) + pinky nude lips and there you are all spruce and dapper. 

I love going a bit heavier on the blush on such occasions, to get that fresh finish and most important, try to get the focus away from the puffy eyes. 

I used the following products : 

Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation Serum - Vanilla
Nars Duo - Orgasm/Laguna
Sleek au naturel collection blush
Maybelline pure mineral blush in quartz peach
My good ol' Lashblash mascara 
and Mac snob lippie.

XO, Marilou 


  1. Love your makeup. You look very fresh faced.

  2. U look so beautiful,love it all xxx

  3. I love this. Very natural but still gorgeous.