Friday, November 18, 2011

On my nails a lot lately : Give me moor

Dark nails are my favourites. Summer, winter... it doesn't matter, it's always on the top of my "most worn varnish list". (Yes, I do mentally write list for my fav varnishes. Who is gonna enter the top 3 next week? It creates a little bit of suspense in my life). I'm a huge Lincoln park after dark kinda girl. For those of you reading this and thinking..whaaaaat? It's of Lauren Conrad's favorite color of nail polish from OPI. It's a gorgeous deep , really deep dark plum. It doesn't have that harsh black goth finish and it is so chic (obviously if worn by LC) . I started to be low on Lincoln park after dark and I couldn't find it anywhere. It was sold out so I had to act quick and act smart. 

So, this how I got my hands on Give me moor by OPI. My life saver dupe ! 

As said, it is a deep dark plum shade.
Three coats were necessary to reach this level of intense plumpness and opacity.
Good application and it lasts well, thanks to the fab OPI quality.

FYI, it's the only kind of colour that I don't get bored of. I can wear this over and over again, It will never disappoint and goes with pretty much everything (because yes I do also pay attention to match my varnish with my clothes....OCD much?) and you can't go wrong with dark shades. 

Definitely a must have shade in your nail polish stash for those days when you feel like your nail polish closet is empty and you have nothing to wear. Just like the the Little Black Dress, the Little Dark Varnish won't let you down! 

XO, Marilou 

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