Monday, November 7, 2011

My first experience with Xen Tan self tanners

After self tanninf myself for the first time this summer with St Moriz, I knew I had to try something else.
Not because I wasn't pleased with my St Moriz but because I had heard soooooo much about these Xen Tan products, I was dying to get my hands on this brand. They're a tad more expensise than the other brands, but when you go on the website and read all these blog reviews , I swear that at the end of the day you are so ready to splash the cash ! I'm not living in the UK so this was not easy to find but I did eventually on the website Feelunique , which sells a tremendous amount of products and brands with free delivery. Yay to that. I went with the Face Tanner Luxe in Dark and the dark lotion for the body. I picked Dark because I really wanted a deep tan. My motto when it comes to self tanner is...go deep tan or stay pale. I like it extreme baby! Anywoo....After some issues with the delivery I finally got my parcel!

My first impression was "oh wow it's small!" . 
I don't know why, but on blog pictures it seems much taller than it actually is! But no worries it does last pretty long....

 The dark lotion : After all the hype, I was expecting something really mindblowing from this self tanner. I must admit that I was rather disappointed. I don't know if it has something to do with me or not but the product didn't seem to stick properly onto my skin. I literally felt like spongebob, soaking all the product in and left with a very light tan in the morning. Some parts of my body would go really deep gorgeous dark (like my arms) and other parts like my tummy, chest, legs etc would stay lighter. HOW ODD? I did really love the colour it took on my arms though, it was lovely yet I don't know why It wasn't even on my entire body . The smell was ok, I'm not a huge fan of the whole marzipan thing. It's not repulsive but I'm just not a fan. The application was fine but I did find that my mousse application with St Moriz was much easier to blend it. Overall, this wasn't a self tanner I really enjoyed using. I only used it to touch up between applications... I don't think I'll rebuy this anytime soon, perhaps my expectations were a little too high which made the disappointment bigger than it should had been.

The face tanner luxe : After trying a sample of the xen tan face tanner this summer, I knew I had to get this one as well. It gives an instant (well, not really. it takes 3 hours to fully develop) glowy tan to the face. I wasn't disappointed with this product as I was with the body lotion. I use it every two-three days, on a freshly cleaned face just after applying my moisturizer in the morning. Even with my foundation on, it gives me that extra tan needed. The smell is not my favourite but once again, totally bearable. It did leave some orange streaks on my eyebrows If too much were applied. As I wash my face twice a day, the tan doesn't last long at all, so I did have some white face / tanned body awkward moment.

Body wise I'll not be repurchasing Xen tan as I was quite disappointed with the lotion, face wise I'll stick to my face luxe tanner which is in my opinion a great product definitely worths the £ ! 

Were you disappointed with the dark body lotion as well ? Or am I just alone in that case...
Let me know :) 
XO, Marilou 

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