Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Goodbye Vigo

This is not the regular beauty, nail polish post. But isn't a blog also  a place where you can share your life ups and downs after all? Sadly, my old doggy dog of 15 years , Vigo, died last night in our arms, literally. He was old and grumpy but I loved him with all my heart. Some people do find it weird that you can actually love your pet. Well, unless you have had a dog, you can't understand. He was part of my daily life, our family and one of the first thing I did every morning was to go check on him. I have him since I was 8 and now the house feels a bit empty. Last night was tearful and a bit desorienting to say the least. At least he didn't die alone, we were with him.

 I truly cherish all the memories with him and I like to think he is now in dog heaven, swimming in a pool full of meatballs. 

I already miss him.
Love always.


  1. Aw this is so sad, I'm sorry to hear this Marilou, hope you're okay x

  2. Honey I'm really sorry to hear that. I can totally understand why you're so upset :o( I love that you've pictured him swimming in a pool of meatballs in doggy heaven... chin up honey - have a hot bath, put some clean snuggly pjs on and watch a nice film. It won't make you forget, but you deserve some TLC x

  3. I don't know how I will cope when one of my dogs pass away, and it's true, someone that doesn't have a pet will never understand the love you can have for them, they're like kids.
    I hope you can stay strong and sending you all my love xxxx

  4. Aww thats so sad :( Hope your ok and he looks like he was a gorgeous doggie :)
    RIP <3

  5. Oh ma belle je suis vraiment triste pour toi je sais qu'il a fait partie de ta vie au moins 15 ans :( courage chou et comme tu dis il n'est pas mort seul mais avec vous...

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your precious pup. Tears came to my eyes reading this post. I'm glad he was in your arms last night, I'm sure he knew he was very loved. It sounds like he had a great life with you and your family and I hope the memories last forever. Big hug to you!


  7. i'm so sorry sweetie! Sending lots of love and hugs, i know how it feels to lose a pet you love!
    Stay strong, and go on as if he was still there :) because he will never really leave you xxxx

  8. Oh no no no! I'm so sorry hun, this post made me cry as I lost my beloved 11 years old golden retriever Balou one years ago, and it still hurts so much! I have to agree with you when you say "unless you have had a dog, you can't understand." That's what I always say to people who don't understand why I still cry sometimes.

    I believe my Balou is now my guardian angel. Hope you get better soon, I know it's hard, but you are strong. x

  9. I'm so sorry :( It took me a while to pluck up the courage to even read this so I really really hope you are okay?
    I know what it is like and it is heartbreaking :( take some comfort in the fact he had 8 wonderful years with you :)
    Sorry again lovely :( xxxxx

  10. Je suis si triste & désolée pour toi ma belle Marilou, ton chien était vraiment trop chou.. Je n'ose imaginer ma peine le jour ça arrivera :(( Dis toi qu'il a eu une très vie belle à tes cotés et qu'il n'est pas parti seul♥

    Gros bisous♥

  11. Awh I'm so sorry about your loss sweety :(
    Your dog is definitely going to enjoy swimming in a pool of meatballs!

  12. Oh Marilou I'm sorry :( You had him for a very long time, he was lucky to have you :)Im sure he was happy to be with you when it was time.
    Hope you feel better too my friend.

  13. Aww big hugs chick, hope your ok :( xxxx

  14. Aww I'm so sorry to hear that! So heart breaking :(
    *hugs to you and your family

    I hope he IS swimming in a pool of meatballs hehe <3

  15. So sad to hear this! :(

    My bf's mom just found out her boxer is dying of cancer, it's so sad when animals pass away.

  16. *HUGS* It's always so sad to see a beloved pet go. I'm sure he's up in doggy heaven looking down at you.

  17. Je suis désolée pour toi aussi, on s'attache tellement à nos boules de poils, ils sont tellement adorables, que c'est vraiment dur de les perdre...
    Courage et pense à tous les super moments que tu as passés avec lui!

  18. C'est vraiment triste :'( j'ai deux chats donc j'imagine combien tu dois être triste ! Courage en tout cas.