Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bourjois flower perfection translucent smoothing primer

Wee hee! I'm back from a week off from blogging. I'm glad some of you did enjoy my first video, very heartwarming, I got great feedbacks :) Today was the worst day, the one when it's cold, gloomy, you don't wanna get up and just stay in bed with a cup of tea. But no, I had to go to uni and freeze my bum waiting for the bus. On my way back , I knew I had to treat myself for being so devoted and brave. This Bourjois perfection translucent smoothing primer caught my eyes while spending hours swatching the new Rimmel collection ( nowavailable at DI for the Brusseleers!). Bourjois came up with this new flower collection, they also were some lipgloss+whitening product but the primer was winking at me.
You never have enough primer, I mean I have try some that are good but I wasn't truly satisfied on the smoothing part. 

The texture is extreeeeemely soft and has a powdery finish. It has a bit of a "flower" smell, which is not that bad but without it,  it would have been even better.

 It is translucent and really smoothing. It does give an "airbrush" finish and because good pictures are worth a million words...

 let me introduce you...TO THE SWATCHES. 

Before the application.

And right after.

I mean... the product is pure magic. It has such a big difference in the before/after. 
Can you see that all the "hand wrinkles" have disappeared. SWEET LORD THIS IS AMAZING.
I'm not sure it does help the makeup lasts longer but it does smooth, that's for sure.
The only downer in my opinion is that it has tiny tiny sparkles in it. SO NOT necessary for a primer.

That was my little cosmetic discovery of the week :)


  1. this looks so amazing! and the cute packaging is a bonus!! :) x

  2. ohh j'adopte!! il coute combien?

  3. un peu moins de 10 euros sihame :)

  4. Ooh - Need this!! How much is it?x


  5. This looks lovely, and how cute is the packaging! Not sure I've seen this in the shops here xx

  6. @sarah it was around 10€ so It should be a bit cheaper in the uk :)

    @Lydia Oh realllyyy? That's surprising, you always have everything before us :)

  7. I like the foundation a lot! Very natural, full coverage. You can find a review on my blog:


    Now I have to get the primer too, it looks amazing.