Sunday, October 30, 2011

L'Oréal Super Liner Carbon Gloss eye liner

I'm more of a cream liner kinda girl. I like the brush application and the texture is just easier to apply in my opinion. However, I'm on the permanent hunt of a new and better liner. *eternal unfulfillment*I've read many positive reviews about the L'Oréal Super Liner in Carbon Gloss, which is a special category apparently although to me all the L'Oréal eye liner look the same. It's like the whole thing Maybelline loves to do with launching 4 mascaras with the same brush but with a different packaging. A bit boring  but...anywaysI decided I had to get my hands on this little baby but after days and days of restless search around different Brussels drugstore, I couldn't find the carbon gloss version. My desire became an obsession. I HAD to get this Carbon Gloss liner. 

Eventually I got my hands on it after a UK swap and I'm so glad I did.The liner is very thin and soft which makes the application a bit harder. If you're not handy with your eyeliner, this will be a disaster to work with but if you know how to apply it, it gives you the finest yet  strongly defined line.

The liner lasts  and doesn't smudge. 
You may need two coats for an even application.

I'm always pleasantly surprised with the result. It's a good eye liner for a daily basis (if you're steady) as it gives a very thin "natural" finish. I'm a bit afraid it will dry quickly though.... only time will tell!

Typical face of the day at uni ! 

XO , Marilou  

Saturday, October 29, 2011

On my nails today : American Apparel - Neon Red

I'm absolutely in love with American Apparel's nail polishes so when I knew they were launching a NEON range I was sooooo excited. I got two of their shades and today I'm wearing Neon Red. Neon Red is as its name implies it, a red neon shade. I have to say I have loads of red nail polishes, but I had never seen a neon red colour before (or I'm blind as a bat).

The colour is just indefinable. It has a red tone mixed with some orange and pink undertones.
With my camera , the orange comes out really intense but I promise you, you can find some pink undertones in there, which makes this nail polish so special.

It is not a bright or rrrrreally bright nail polish. No! It is a pure rich deep neon just like we love them....Weee heee! I bless American apparel for coming out with these babies.

What do we think over this colour ladies?
Are you into the whole Neon thing even though it's fall already.
Personally, I think a good old neon is always welcome on my nails. 

XO , Marilou

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Chanel - Rouge Coco Shine 54 Boy

Believe it or not, this is my first Chanel lipstick. I was offered this precious little gem for my birthday from my dear friend Siham :) Usually I tend to go Mac when choosing a lippie so this was a good and exciting surprise! I got the colour 54 Boy from the Rouge Coco Shine range.

The packaging is so sleek and classy. Something to carry around in your make up bag, for sure! 

The Coco Shine range is to be very discreet.
The colour 54 is a dusty pink, filled with tiny shimmers.

It's not very opaque so do not expect a Mac über covering satin finish.
It has more of a glossy natural finish.

It's delicate and very ladylike. The texture is rather moisturizing but I do no find it to have a long lasting power.

It smells like grown woman lipstick and looks very sophisticated. I feel all grown up when wearing it ! I had many compliments because I usually wear nude colours all the time, so this is a good alternative :)
The finish is glossy yet doesn't have that sticky feeling. 

I still can't get use to swatching my lips. They look horrendously awkward and wrinkly.
I want Scarjo lips. NOW 

Ooh Chanel how I love you.

What do we think ladies?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Estée Lauder - Double Wear foundation ♥

I finally caved in ! I'm the happy owner of Estée Lauder -Double Wear foundation after a year of discussions with myself (very intertaining thing to do if you are bored...) whether I should buy it or not, if it was a foundation for me....or not and so on. 

What I was looking for : A LONG LASTING foundation. That's the major point. Having a bit of a trouble with my skin, it's very rare that I'm secure about my foundation all day long. It nevers stays still and after a few hours I (feel like) I look like a mess. My pores are back to eye visibilty (ew ew ew) and I do not feel that covering sensation needed any longer. I've tried every make up bases but nothing seemed to work for me. So I caved in after a little poll on twitter :-)

The shade picking was restless. They were few shades available and I eventually went for the lightest available FRESCO 01 in store which is still a tad dark in comparison to my other foundations. But  hopefullyonce blended in, you can't tell. I know they are more shades available though but why weren't they available in any store (in the area round Brussels) ? Mystery...

At the very first outset, the texture is quite thick and scary. You think you're gonna get all cakey but once well blended into the skin, this feeling goes away. The coverage is truely one of the best coverage I've ever experienced. Amazing if you're trying to hide some scars, pores or blemishes... Maybe a bit too much if you're more of a natural finish lover. It worked wondrously well for me but the best part is...the long lasting  power. It genuinely stays put all day long. I have had no longer insecurities about how my full of foundation face looked like since then. Well obviously, if you're going to rub your face in yours hands all day (which can happen when being 1) exhausted 2) really mad 3) playing peek a boo) don't expect it to last☺

 I'm so happy I finally took the plunge and got the foundation, it is perfect for fall/winter time as you may need more corevage. It has SPF10 in it, which it said to give a ghosty face when taking pictures. I haven't had that issue yet but I'm a bronzer whore so...

You need this product if you are looking for a genuine long lasting foundation with a rather thick coverage and a spf10. The only downer for me was the lack of a pump.

Hope you are all doing well!

PS: "La vie devant soi" has been my motivational quote for the last weeks when dealing with my new age. 23 isn't that bad after all ! :) 

Bisous, Marilou!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New ring do obsession. Totally Phoebe Buffay inspired.

I clearly have been watching way too much episodes of f.r.i.e.n.d.s lately :) 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

What I've been loving lately...

Bien le bonsoir!
Life has been hectic but in a good way lately so that explains the lack of blogging around although there is so much I want to share. No, I haven't lost my blog mojo! 
I am currently looking for an internship. Studying PR and being obsessed with everything beauty related , I would dream to do it in a Beauty PR company obviously. So I'm on the hunt for something. Cross your chubby fingers for auntie Marilou!!!

Lately I've been massively obsessed with four things : 

1. Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo 

Oh dear god. This product is simply amazing and so handy when it comes to dull hair.
It gives that extra oomph needed and let me with this wonderful volume in my hair.
The hair's texture does become a tad odd but I've managed to get used to it.
The smell is quite particular but not too bothering in my opinion.
Definitely a new must in my hair range products! 

2. Red nails.

What can I say. I'm getting older.  

Opi - Manicurist of Seville 

3. Biotherm replumping and smoothing lip balm.

Who says fall says automatically cold. I can't deal with chapped lips and I needed to find something more glamorous than vaseline to carry around in my bag. This is a new product from Biotherm and so far I really like it. The texture is super smooth it feels like thick butter, the smell is super enjoyable and let you with soft lips. 

4. Taupe/khaki smokey eyes. 

Mixing multiple eyeshadows is a great passion of mine. I've been playing around with my Sleek Au Naturel  palette  (using Moss + Dark + Regal ) and this is what came out. I love everything taupey/khaki on my lids during fall.

XO, Marilou