Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nars Albatross

This was my first Nars purchase back in the days. At first I wasn't too sure about this highlighter. It comes out as a white pearly gold pressed powder and this might a bit intimidating at first but once you get use to it and knows how to use it correctly, it gives the most gorgeous highlight ever. I say how to use correctly because it has a bit of a gold yellow finish that might look so "new year's eve" over the top. 

A little close-up to give you a better idea. 

And swatched. 
You can really see the gold finish I told you about ( I went heavy hand on the swatch!)
This highlighter is one of a kind, I own nothing similar or even close.It was definitely worth running around London for an hour from Selfridges to Liberty of London to get my hands on it because it was pretty much sold out everywhere!

I'm not sure this highlighter would work with everyskin tone though... It's very special.
Have you ever tried Albatross? Thoughts on it ??
XO, Marilou 


  1. I love Albatross and use it almost every single day!

  2. I've always been fascinated with this color but as an eye color than as a highlighter.

  3. I was a bit put off by the white nature of this highlighter, but like you said it's the most beautifully gold shimmer highlighter. I do not wear any highlighter due to my oily skin, other than this shade, it is the most beautiful shade ever! I got it in the portrait of paradise palette with orgasm blush and laguna bronzer - it's the best little palette ever. The only other highlighter I'm interested in is Dior Amber Diamond - maybe a Christmas present to myself?!? :o) x

  4. I'm really pale and I sometimes use this highlighter, it's gorgeous on! In fact this post has inspired me to start wearing it again, I too was a little unsure of this product but after applying it (with a light hand) I fell in love completely x

  5. wow i own this and i never saw the swatch come out like that! lol heavily swatched!! i havent touched my albatrosse for months.... need to bring this back out, thanks so much for reminding me of this!!

  6. As stated on Twitter I sooo love this shade and it suits ya nicely!! Ohhh I'm gonna hunt down that shade.. But the American Apparel Yellow you need in yo LIFE!!!

    Lol at the Motto: GO NEON OR GO HOME!!! LOVE ITTTT!!!

  7. I love Albatross - but I've put off buying it for a while now because I'm afraid it's going to look dusty on me - if that makes any sense. For a highlighter I usually use the Nars Multiple in Copacabana & I love it :)

  8. I must try this! I need something like this and I love Nars

    - Sydney xo