Friday, September 2, 2011

Myth lipstick ♥

My all time favourite nude lipstick by Mac.
I remember the first time I swatched it, the texture, the smell, the colour : everything I was looking for!
Myth is one of those lipstick. You love it or you hate it, but nothing in between.

I would describe it as a peachy-beige colour with a satin finish.
I adore the Mac satin finish texture but *danger* it can really look chalky on dry lips.

 I have bought countless bottles of this lipstick, but I can't recommand it to everyone.
Go for it if you're an unnatural pale lips lover :) 

I usually wear it with a lipgloss on top.

What's your ultimate nude lipstick ? 

XO, Marilou 


  1. I do wish I could pull off Myth but I think it would be too pale for me! From MAC I have Faerie Glen which is a nice nude for the winter.

    My fave nude is Nude Delight by Rimmel :)

  2. very pretty! i love nude lips :) X

  3. This is lovely on you and looks right up my street! I love Creme D'nude by MAC :) x

  4. Still searching for that perfect nude that doesn't total wash me out and make me look scary. I one of Revlon's nude glosses, but it's more brown then a true nude. Either way it totally works.

  5. It looks such a gorgeous colour! x

  6. @Yu I have neveeer eard of faerie gen but it looks like a pretty lippie :) I'll check the Rimmel one in store tomorrw, thanks for sharing Yu :) x

    @Essie Thanks!

    @Corrie Yay Corrie! I believe we have the same taste when it comes to nude lipsticks :) x

    @Fannie Mac have such a wide range of nude lipsticks I hope you'll find yours soon :)

    @Summer Loren It is eh :)

    @GlimmerandGlow Thanks lovely! x

  7. I have about ten of the Natural Collection 'Apple Blossom' lipsticks, they look quite similar to Myth - nude, with a pink undertone. Very pretty & cheap! xx

  8. Ohhh I blogged about this too, my fave lippy but it does dry out my lips something terrible- worth it though haha xxxx

  9. HMmm not sure it would suit my skintone, I'm on the fence regarding Shy Girl and Peachstock too...

  10. Mais chez moi ça fait des lèvres craquelées, le rouge à lèvre nude :( Comment y remédier ?

    Merci petite soeur

  11. Your review of Myth is so accurate! I bought Myth a long time ago, and for a while it just sat idly in my makeup bag. I re discovered it and use it with a ton of lip conditioner now!

  12. @Goldenglow Thanks Lisa, I saw this lipstick many times on your blog and it suits you to perfection.

    @Twiggs totally worth the dryness haha

    @Gaby You would like peachstock better I think.

    @Elodie La solution = me le donner. C'est quoi cette histoire de copine qui ne se lave plus les cheveux 0_0

    @Nisha a ton of lip conditionner is needed, indeed ! :) x

  13. Argh I wish I could pull myth off on me it looks like I've stolen some ghosts lips hahaha! You look lovely as always :) and I get my blush to look intense but applying it before my foundation dries but shhh :P xxx

  14. This too is my must have!! I can't be without it.