Saturday, September 10, 2011

Liz Earle - Sheer skin tint

It's a skin thing ladies! I was extremely excited to get the opportunity to try the Liz Earle Sheer Tint . I worship Liz Earle skin care range = pure happiness concentrate for the skin, so try to picture my excitment when I heard that a make-up range was coming out. This was the only thing missing in this brand.

Described at "the natural bridge from skincare through colour", Liz Earle will be releasing very soon their new Sheer Tint. What it says :  "It is rich and creamy like a foundation, yet so lightweight it glides effortlessly onto the skin, blending easily to enhance natural skin tones. Designed for use all year round, our unique, high perfomance formulation leaves skin looking dewy, even and radiant, with the perfect level of coverage for every woman to achieve naturally beautiful skin" 

The packaging is very sleek yet simple . It comes in a tube which is very convenient when it comes to foundation. 

It contains mineral UV SPF 15 , which is a great thing as I always forget to apply my sunscreen first in the morning, natural source vitamin E, avocado and borage. I can't tell you how excited I am about the Vitamin E and avocado. These are ingredients I firmly believe are genuinely good for your skin and that you can use with no moderation whatsoever. So basically, a foundation that provides skin benefits = so far, so good !

It comes in 3 shades, I went for the lightest 01 Bare for these days when I just want to go not out so made up yet with my skin looking fresh and glowy (I've become addicted to wearing something on my skin , whether it is heavy foundation or light tinted moisturizer). 

What I thought :  When first swatched on my hand, it felt really rich and heavy, kind of like a concealer. When blended, *blown away face* it went from heavy to super lightweighted. The application onto the face was really pleasant, I used my fingers for once. You get a sheer to medium coverage finish that you can easily build up by applying an other layer of the Sheer Tint on disgracious part of your face . (Hello disgusting pores!)

You get a real dewy finish. I mean this is the dewiest finish I have ever got with a foundation. It's a good thing for me as I love dewy finish but this might feel so over the top dewy for a more oily skin. It has a bit of a smell that is not your usual Liz Earle botanical smell but it's very subtle and it disappears once applied onto the skin. I find this Sheer Tint different from my other foundations and I really like the result! I've been wearing it for the last three days and it lasts all day with a good make-up base (I use my La Roche Posay Nutritic) .  It has not dry my skin out at all, it feels actually more moisturized, great news for my dry patches! 

(Yes, finally a new hair colour , I went straight back to brunette!)

Sheer Skin Tint will be available from september 15th and retails at £21 available here
Will you be getting this Sheer SkinTint ? If you're excited about the new make-up range coming soon, clap your hands ! *clap clap clap clap clap * 

Xo , Marilou 


  1. The dewy finish looks so pretty. You have such beautiful eyes!

  2. first of all love the hair colour it reallu makes your big lovely eyes pop :) and secondly i think I need skin tint in my life haha! Glowy finish yes please :) xx

  3. I didn't have such a good experience with Liz earle but I'm thinking of trying this out! The avocado scares my a bit as it is an ingredient found in the skin repair moisturizer and that turned me into an oil slick!

  4. I love it - I've done a review too, will defo keep using it :D x

  5. shes selling the models own silver polish you are after quick quick before anyone gets it :P xx

  6. Il paraît super ce fond de teint! j'aime beaucoup le fait qu'il ait un effet "transparent" sur la peau dans le sens où on ne remarque pas que tu es maquillée parce que comme on dit: un maquillage est réussi lorsqu'on ne le remarque pas! :D

  7. I love this color hair on you! Still haven't colored mine hahah

  8. This is so lovely, Id really like to try it!

  9. @Ele Thanks :) It's very dewy indeedy x

    @Adrienne Awh thanks :D !!! you definitely need to give this a go if your a sucker for dewy finish :) (Massive thanks for the nail polish link but it's not the one I was looking for :( ..similar though!! xx)

    @Carla If you have an oily skin this might be a bit too much for you.. the best would be for you to try it out :) x

    @Sarah Just read your review , nice product eh :D

    @Sihame LOL merci chou !!! Oui il a un peu le meme fini que le healthy mix serum ;-)

    @Barttart Thanks Barbara . GO BLONDE :D

    @Holly Arabella You definitely should :) x