Wednesday, September 7, 2011

La Roche Posay Nutritic ♥

This "transforming care for dry skin" as it is fancily called is now part of my skin care regime for about three weeks now. La Roche Posay is with Avène and Liz Earle, in my top 3 skin care brand.

Although lately I have been a little bit disappointed with La Roche Posay when using their Toleriane.
I have a weird skin combination : dry patches at some very specific spots like my nose, my forehead and the right part of my chin (specific, I told ya) and the rest of my skin is from normal to oily (depends on the time of the year, the weather and god knows what else). I finally know why I was disappointed with Toleriane. It wasn't adapted to my skin combination as it is a cream made to help sensitive skin = it has no specific moisturizing power. That's the trick with skin care products, you can easily be disappointed if you're not using the right product for YOUR skin combination that's why It is primordial for you to know your skin combination. It can be confusing findinf exactly what you really are, at first you may think you're an oily skin and finding ten years later that you actually were a dry skin mixed with oily T-zone skin. I'm telling you, you have to come out of the closet, It's OK to be a dry patches mixed combination skin person. LOL. Anyways, enough endless skin care theory.... back to my Nutritic review.

There are two Nutritic available in store. The 2,5% and the 5% , which determines they moisturizing intensity. I went with the 2,5% after hesitating for hours with the 5%. I was looking for a day cream that was lasting and really deeply moisturizing. I can't stand dry patches and wearing foundation always seems to emphasize that dryness issue. I'm happy I went with the "lighter" one eventually because it is extremelyyyyy moisturizing. I'm saving the 5% one for the cold, oh so cold winter coming. 

I've been seduced by the first application, it relieved my skin in no time. The texture is creamy and smooth. The smell is very "pharmaceutical" like, which doesn't bother me. After using my Nutritic I have no more tightness uncomfortable feeling nor dry patches. That moisturizing feeling lasts all day long and hasn't letting me down so far.
But I guess the best part of this product, the cherry on the cake is that it is the best makeup base I have EVER USED. Hands down. It has helped my foundation lasting wayyy much longer than usual, I'm total amazed with this product. It feels like it creates a moisturizing barrier between my skin and my makeup. I don't have that feeling that my skin is soaking the life away of my make-up anymore (disguting feeling, yes). It has fulfilled my expectations and much more.

The price was around 17 € for 40ml which was the only "bad" part, I find it a bit expensive but I'll definitely rebuy this product as long as I'm as satisfied as I am now with it. My skin happiness has no price ☺

I had to share my latest skin care discovery with you, as I'm always looking for skin improvement, I thought this might help some of you.

Toodles :) 


  1. Hey,
    which airline was it you bought your naked palette in?
    thousands of greetings, love your blog!

  2. Hey Nicole, Thanks!!!
    It was on a Ryanair flight. They sell loads of make-up :-)

  3. I just bought some La Roche-Posay today to help my skin hope i get a good result like you x

  4. I hope you will like it , I'll check your blog to read the review and see what you got :) x