Friday, September 9, 2011

China Glaze - In The City

This is one of the nail polish I've ordered from the Metro Collection by China Glaze.
This is a purple smokey grey glittery varnish, with very tiny tiny glitters. Nothing massive.

I'm actually quite disappointed with this colour. I was expecting something way more stunning and I find the result a bit "blah". When in the bottle, it is super mesmerizing but once applied it losts that "sparkle".

I haven't wear it since I bought it, I'm just not super excited about what it looks like on my nails.
Even after FOUR coats, the insensity of the glitters wasn't au rendez vous. Ughh
Sad , because I was beyond happy to get my hands on this one. It happens ... that's the risk you take when ordering online ! 

I've been looking for an other massive glitter nail polish from Models Own called Silver Spangle but I can't seem to find it anywhere, even on their website (although they are swatches online)
Does anyone know where I could get it ? That's would be really helpful :) 



  1. I have to agree, I'm not too wowed by the color either. x

  2. It is a bit blah, but maybe if you wear it with the right accessories it'll shine more.

  3. Me and glitter don't mix but i kinda like this its not so blingy its muted :) have you tried ebay for silver spangle? xx