Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A perfect evening

 =  spending some quality time with my dad :) 
(All together : Awwwwhhhhhhhhh )

Walking around Brussels and taking some random pictures.
This actually is a work of art tree. 

Eating the most delicious gyoza at Ebizu, Place Flagey.

Ramen noodles. NOM NOM.

Place Flagey.

Every good meal deserves a good dessert. 
Ps : they were whipped cream in the cone as well ☺

 My makeup today was very simple : nude lips with a heavier hand on the eyes.

I went for a liner in my waterline, thing I usually NEVER do as I always find it messy by the end of the day, it never stays even. But, I felt pretty daring and I used my Maybelline gel liner and surprisingly it wasn't that bad when I came back home. 

Also, I have been invited to an exhibition opening tomorrow with norvegian fashion designers, perfumers etc. = very exciting :) 

"Exposition itinérante et pop-up shop norvégien occupera le futur Centre de la Mode et du Design à Bruxelles Du 1er septembre au 5 septembre, le futur Centre de la Mode et du Design accueillera l'exposition conceptuelle itinérante Bergen - A pop-up Book. "



  1. Lovely post :) looking lovely in the picture, your eyelashes look fab! I love Maybelline Gel eyeliner on my waterline- literally stays put all day long!x

  2. try to use brighter lipstick - I think it will fit you a lot!

  3. J'adore le make up que tu t'es fait, ça te va super bien chou!léger mais présent :p

  4. @Corrie Awh thanks Corrie! It does stays put all day long, how fabbbuulous

    @Irina LOL thanks but I'm happy with my nude lips :)

    @Sijam allé dit, merci chou :-)

    @Shara Thanks!

  5. LOVE that tree! The liner in the waterline suits you too =D x


  6. Love all these photos :) Stunning, especially the tree one

    - Sydney xo