Saturday, August 20, 2011

On my nails today : Chanel Black Satin

Black nail polish is my ultimate favourite choice when it comes to picking a varnish.I have hundreds of colours but I always come back to black as I know you can't go wrong when wearing black nail polish.It's elegant with that little glam rock touch. 

I have three "black nail polish" rules :

♥Always wears black nail polish on short nails. I've tried on long nails but I've come to the conclusion that I looked like a teen goth.
♥Use a good base coat / top coat, everything you can do to prevent your nail polish  from chipping. Chipped black nail polish = the most disguting unclassy thing in the world ☹ (in my opinion)
♥Avoid the matte finish look when it comes to black nail polish. You wanna go shiny. The glossier, the better!

Black Satin by Chanel is the darkest shade of black I own. It's a basic that every girl should own just as the famous LBD.

Have a great day!



  1. I love short black nails on everyone else, but not on me - so I thought to myself the other day that I should get this Chanel one and maybe I'd feel differently :o) totally agree with your rules though xoxox

  2. I agree with you I hate black polish on long nail.. not a good look at all..!

  3. Beautiful color!! I still don't own a black nailpolish but I def need to buy one for this winter :D
    Carlota's little blog

  4. omg beautiful!!!! i lvoe it.comment on my recent post?

  5. Très joli! Moi aussi j'aime le vernis noir mais je suis plutôt 'Rouge Noir' de Chanel

  6. I love black nail polish. I think my favourite is Black Taxi by Nails Inc, it's so glossy and beautiful! x

  7. yes everygirl should own this I need a new bottle soon! love that skirt you have on its so pretty! x

  8. The black nail polish looks Ace on you boo boo =)