Sunday, August 14, 2011

Liz Earle to the rescue ♥

My skin was flaking from head to toe and had never felt so moistless when Liz Earle kindly came to my rescue after a tremendous amount of hours spent desperatly looking for products to save my skin from the damages caused by the Tenerife sun. Sun is dangerous kiddies, don't mess with it, especially if you have some ginger genes like me.  I was sent : the Gentle Face Exfoliator to get rid of the dead cells, the Superskin Concentrate to get my moist back face wise and the Superskin Body cream to finally be able to wear skirts without the fear of my legs/arms getting all flaky during the day.


The Gentle Face Exfoliator : (£12,50)  I had this very odd idea that the rougher was the exfoliator, the better were the results. Well, I was wrong. You must treat your skin with respect and your skin will give it all back to you. That's my new skin motto :)  This exfoliator is everything I was expecting. Gentle yet efficient, my skin feels incredibly smooth and within three days I was finally flakes free. You can use it on a daily basis, it will not dry your skin out. "With purifying eucalyptus, skin softening cocoa butter (dreamy!), and specially selected jojoba butter" If you already have the Cleanse&Polish from the same range, they smell and look pretty similar packaging wise. My skin looks doubly radiant after using both of them.

The Superskin Concentrate(£18) "With organic roiseship oil, argan oil, neroli oil and natural vitamin E" Oh my days. This what I call a recipe for success.  This is a night-time concentrate little roller-ball pack filled with some of the best oils out there = Christmas for you skin . I'm in love with the smell, which can be overpowering if you don't like essential oils.  It penetrates pretty quickly leaving you with a plumpy-comfy feeling. This is such a pleasant product to use. After a good month of use I still have half of the bottle left as a little goes a long way! The travel size is super easy to carry around but I'm not sure I like the roller-ball that much as I found it difficult to use when the bottle is half empty. I'll rather go for the full size version with a pump.

The Superskin Body Cream : (£27,50) "With shea butter, organic roseship oil, cranberry seed oil, pomegranate extract and neroli oil" This body moisturizer is said to prevent moisture loss and improve skin elasticity to leave your skin visibly plump, smooth and supple.  Well this is a very accurate description as this is exactly what it did to my skin. I got my moist back and my skin really felt smooth and plump. I absolutely love that it is moisturizing yet not sticky. You can apply this in the morning and you're good to go, it doesn't take hours to penetrate and the pleasant moist feeling lasts all day long. (I did check)

The texture is unctuous and goes on so well during the application. 

I'm head over heels with my Liz Earle products. I can not recommand this brand enough, they're always filling my high skin expectations. I'm looking forward to trying more of their range, I heard their masks were also super efficient. You can order Liz Earle from their website and the great news is that they ship to Belgium ! All together : glory to Liz Earle  :-)

Xo, Marilou 


  1. The products look amazing. Sadly I have to travel quite a bit in order to get the products. I think I may just end up placing an order online! Great post xx

  2. Ah I really want to try some Liz Earle, my face has been having a tantrum and I've heard such good things! Great post :) x

  3. I'am interesed by this products, they seem beautiful! But I don't think they are the better for my skin because I have a greasy skin and I feel the products are toooo greasy :(

  4. Super la revue, j'avais déjà entendu parler de cette marque mais je ne savais pas qu'ils livraient en Belgique/France =D Anaïs

  5. Je veux! Des revendeurs en belgique?