Thursday, August 18, 2011


I've been into cute makeup brushes holder.

Homemade pancakes with maple syrup :)

My new mini pedi mani kit from H&M

I can't believe it was 1,99€ Bargain!

I can't get over glitter nail polishes. Glitter nails are so this season. It's gonna be in every nail collection this fall/winter even Essie is getting some glitter (finally!)

My models own Pink Fizz.. I flippin love this little gem!

 I'm no longer a fake tan virgin guys!
I've been enjoying my fabulous tan a LOT.
Post to come ;-)

Random street. I just love playing around with my camera. 

My current Mac blushes collection. I can't believe they are all mate or cream. NO SHIMMER?
I must relieve this situation a.s.a.p

My new triangle earrings from Asos. I'm obsessed , they look so 80's. 



  1. Wow that glitter nail polish is a-mazing :-)

  2. I want to steal your blush collection! xx

  3. That mani/pedi kit looks so cute! And I can't get over how cute that nail polish is! I absolutely adore the color! And I love how great your pictures have been since you've gotten your new camera!


  4. Ahh love your photos Marilou! :D

  5. Those are awesome pics and super cute cups :)

  6. Love e cute stuff u put ur brushes in,
    Great photos&love ur peep toe shoes they r fab

  7. I love your pink fizz nailpolish Marilou! its soo gorgeous ! I'm going to ahve to get my hands on that:) Love the asos earrings as well, I was contemplating buying myself a pair :)
    I'm the total opposite with blushes, I had a look at my Mac blushes and realised I need more matte ones :) !

  8. ahhhhh look at your tan!!! LOVE xxx

  9. @Claire Glad you like it :D x

    @Tass Haha! I want to build an empire of blush, this is just the beginning. LOL

    @April thanks girl :-) you need to get your hands on some models own varnishes, they have some pretty glitters !

    @Barbara Thank you :D

    @Yu Thanks Yu, I love that you love my pics :)

    @Sher Thank you, they are from H&M ! x

    @Chantelle You definitely need to get it. They also have it in silver and it's super pretty ! I can totally picture you with those earrings.

    @Ray :D I feel tan-bulous all the way x

    @SweetHarvestMoon Merci :D