Friday, August 12, 2011

Girls Aloud fake lashes ♥

You probably already know about the Girls Aloud fake lashes collection by Eyelure.
They're cheap (Belgique : 5,99€ à l'Inno) and look fantastic. My favourite must be the one by Sarah. 

They are not as dramatic as the one by Cheryl and you can definitely wear them on a daily basis without looking to overdone.
 I agree with her on "wear them all the time", I would too if I had the patience to do it every morning.

I love how a good pair of fake lashes change your eyes in a sec' and because these one are longer at the outer corner they give you the most  glamorous cat-eyes  ever. 

The application was not super easy as I'm not very steady and I had to redo it three times before I was happy with it. I don't like when you see the difference between your lashes and the fake ones so I make sure they are to the closest one from another.

To finish the look, I went for a basic black liner to redefine my top lash line. 
I adore how intensely black they are!

And voila! Final result :) 

I wish I could wear fake lashes every single day to be honest with you as I absolutely love the result.



  1. J'adore! Je pense que je vais devoir passer chez Inno :p

  2. You look lush!! I can't ever get fake eyelashes on :( package is in the post for you :p xxx

  3. I love those lashes! Sadly, I doubt they sell those in the states :(

  4. These lashes look amazing on you! I'm rubbish applying them, come live with me and be my eyelash applicator ;) I agree that Cheryl's are a bit dramatic, but I love her still. :) x

  5. these are gorgeous I never wear false lashes

    shel xx

  6. They look so good on you. I wish I knew how to apply fake lashes (I always cock it up...ALWAYS). I think I should learn because these are amazing.

    xxx Irinja (

  7. They really suit you hun, I love reading your blog posts

  8. Love it!! They look Lush on you sweetie!!

  9. Am I the only one that don't like the girls aloud eyelashes range. Although I must say, I love the way Sarah lashes look on you, very natural.

  10. This looks great but you don't really need them, you've got already big big eyelashes !!!

  11. And your blush on this photo=)?

  12. @anonymous Hi on this picture it was sleek blush in suede and in the other one it was benefit coralista

  13. Thank you! it was really beautiful on you and i love that color! and your blog is super! =)

    sandra from sweden!