Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Damaged hair : Wella Pro Series + Avocado oil

I was hanging out in the beauty department of my nearest grocery store (fun times) when I stumbled accross these new shampoos by Wella.
They are from the range pro series which are supposably "inspired by stylists, developed with experts"
I went for the shampoo and conditionner in Repair to help my after-vacays hair getting back to normal.
The sun and sea salt really damaged my silky head of hair (I wish!!!) so It was a great occasion to try these products out.

The good : You get 500ml for less then 5 euros which I thought was good value for your money.

The bad : Well, pretty much everything else that I didn't mention in the good. The smell is just horrendously too chemical and overpowering, I hated it. The consistency wasn't the best, I didn't feel like my hair were repaired at all. The conditionner was ok but I have tried much better ones. It did make my hair easier to brush but I didn't see any differences in the damaged hair area.


So, what I did : 
I went to a store near to my work that sells every kind of essential oils and I bought avocado oil.
A thick, über greasy and pure avocado oil. It is so pure that it comes out green, it seems like Shrek was squeezed and put into that tiny bottle.
You can obviously use that oil to moisturize your body but also your hair.
I did an avocado oil hair mask all over my head and slept all night long with it with a towel on top.
It was super greasy and not the best night I ever had but the result was amazing.
Once washed the morning after, my hair were so lustruous and felt like brand new!

What a miracle ! I would recommand doing an all over your hair mask with that once every month  as it is very very very greasy and from times to times just spread some over your split ends just to maintain the healthiness of your hair!

It was about 7 euros. I'm so pleased with the result so that was definitely worth it.
What I love the most about it is that is it 100% natural, no chemical crap whatsoever :)



  1. I bought the Volume by Wella, but didn't tried it out yet!
    I'm definately going on a hunt for advocado oil :)
    Carlota's little blog

  2. Really must try this avocado oil trick, thank you :) xxx

  3. like your blog and followed you)i hope you will follow me too)

  4. Awesome review.

    I used to use Wella's conditioner when I was younger but stopped when I realised it did not really nourish my dry ends. :)

    The Cat Hag
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  5. @Carlota Let me know how it worked for you :)

    @Helen You definitely should if you need some major hair repair

    @YluaShhabel Thanks girl

    @TheCatHag Thank you ! Haha well it hasn't change from when you were younger unfortunately LOL