Thursday, June 23, 2011

Je pars en voyage...

 FINALLY. I'm leaving tomorrow. Ta-ta rainy Belgium, hola Tenerife :) 
I'm having such a hard time packing all my stuff as I want to travel light this year.
No more I-bring-all-my-closet-with-me I just can't deal with a heavy suitcase anymore.
I want this vacays to be so laid back , technology free and sunny.
I guess I'll be hanging out in bikini all days long sipping drinks and fooling around. It's a hard knock life!

As a goodbye post I wanted to share some of the beauty stuff I'm bringing with me.
Same rule this year as for my clothes. TRAVEL LIGHT.
I usually take way too much with me and only use 1/3 of the products. 
So I had to be all grown up and wise and pick the essential.

My main beauty case. These are my 5 favourite products that I can NOT leave at home : 

♥ Garnier shampoo Cherry and Almond. SMELLS DIVINE. Perfect for vacays hair!
♥ Avène sunscreen spf 30. Must have for my pasty-frecklely-red-headed--background skin. Thank you daddy :-) 
♥ I love cosmetics moisturizer in Coconut & Cream. It screams vacations :) 
♥ Victoria Secret Body Mist in Pure Seduction. Do I need to say more ? 
♥ Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish.  As going in vacations doesn't mean not taking care of you skin anymore. I don't the sea salt to mess with my skin.

Obviously I'm taking much more with me, but I didn't think it was necessary to show you which cotton bud I was taking with me.

My make up beauty case :

I have tried to select the essential of my makeup. Knowing that I'll keep my face bare all day long, this is just for nights out.

♥ Elf Bronzer . My ultimate favourite. I couldn't leave without it!
♥Elf blush in Candid Coral. One of my favourite coral blush. I know lots of people don't like it but I really do as it is subtle.
♥Maybelline gel liner. To get my perfect cat eyes.
♥ Lash curler.
♥ Nars multiple in Orgasm. To go for a more blushy blushy pink look.
♥L'oréal  Volume Millions Cils / Cover Girl Lashblast. A great combination of mascaras.
♥Benefit blush in Coralista. I just take it everywhere with me. 
♥ Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipgloss 760 in . Pink with rapsberry undertones. Super duper pigmented.
♥ Gosh darling. My nude on the go.
♥ Elf 3 in 1 stick in Golden Peach. I'll use it a highlight for a very sunkissed final touch.
♥My sleek palette in Storm = My best friend, my confident, my everything... LOL.

Nail polishes : 
That was the hardest of all. As I'm very whimsical when it comes to varnishes. The colour I wear depends on my mood and I can not predict what I will feel like wearing unfortunately. So I went for a basic choice.

♥ Mavala Mavadry top coat.
♥ China Glaze - Flip flop fantasy. The name says it all. It would be a crime not to take it with me.
♥ Chanel - Black Satin. A good old black basic. 
♥  Jessica - Action. A very bright red for a sophisticated look.
♥ Barry M - Mint Green. To match the ocean.
♥ Essie - Haute as hello. I mean, what else?

Voila voila :-) I'll write to you as soon as I come back.

Muchos xoxos, Marilou♡


  1. Bon Voyage! Have a great time and when you come back you have to pack my make up for me as you did such a great job haha! xx

  2. Oo lucky you!! Bon voyage! Enjoy the beautiful weather over there ;)

  3. Je pensais que j'étais la seule à utiliser Ultra Doux ENFANT à la cerise :p
    J'adore ce shampooing

    Bon voyage ;)

  4. Have a lovely holiday!
    I'm really bad when it comes to packing.. I take everything and anything with me haha :/ Coralista is such an amazing blusher and the Storm palette is something I'd have to take with me too!

  5. Have loads of fun there! And I would totally bring along my Sleek palette because I love it so much :p

    I love the nail colours you're bringing along too! :D

  6. Ive never seen ChG Flip Flop Fantasy, it looks like a nice rich coral :) Have fun on your trip!

  7. Hi Marilou! this is totally off the topic - but where did you get this cosmetic bag? I m in love! Must get one!