Monday, June 6, 2011

Coup de coeur : A Lashblast Story.

I couldn't resist any longer but I have a good escuse for posting tonight.
My english exam is tomorrow and so I thought oh great, let's write a post and in order to erase any guilt I'm going to do some magnanimous efforts and improve my english vocabulary level at the same time. 
Don't get surprised if you feel like reading a paper, that's the aim of this how-to-take-the-guilt-away post.
What a good comprise.(yes It starts NOW)
I do have an avid amibition to succeed tomorrow but I have an even more avid need to review two mascaras from Cover Girl. Oh shallowness... :) 

On the left : I've bought the Lashblast volume umpteen times, and rightfully as it is undubiously my favourite mascara ever. Numero uno in my heart for about 3 years now. A real blast for the lashes, indeed. Hitherto I haven't find any rival mascara as good as my good big fat orange one, like I'm used to call it :) 

On the right : The lashblast length. First time I went for something different in ages. Talk about a prowess. I went for the "little brother" of the lashblast volume as I had my eyes it for a long time.

I have to admit, I was a little reticent at the sloppy packaging. I'm ruthless towards these plastic tasteless colourful packagings. NO PITY whatsoever, I mean they could have made an effort on that one. Yellow? Really?
Hopefully, the brush totally made me forget that packaging cringe.

Also, my favourite part of buying a new cover girl mascara is when you get to  inaugurate it. Blissful moment, isn't it ? I really like the fact that the actual mascara is sealed and you and only YOU decide when you want to start officialy using it .

My application was a bit rusty as it's been two weeks in a row since I haven't apply a decent amount of makeup all over my face. My thought ? This mascara is exactly was I was expecting. *tearful voice*
Really discreet yet you can see a difference. It DOES lengthen my lashes and without the shadow of a single nasty clump, which is a good thing.

I'm pleased I got this mascara for these days when you want to look pampered without it looking too obvious and all over your face.

Do I reaaaaally need to review the lashblast volume? I've reviewed it here erstwhile (that's a good paper word!) I know some people do not love this little gem and do not get the fuss going around it but it does work for me and I always, always get a least one compliment when wearing it.

It must be acknowlegdeg that the massive breadth of the brush is the reason why it works so darn well.

For no reason you get the double amount of product for the same price. This bottle is GIANTIC and lasts for a good six months.

To sum up the foregoing very paper-esque review of these prodigious mascaras, they're affordable and work amazingly, so if you're looking for a good mascara, go for it.
I've even advised it to the cashier at the drugstore :)

OK, my study break time is off, so it's time to say aurevoir. I hope I didn't scare the boredom out of you by speaking in much more proper english but hey, it was for a good cause :)



  1. You are so funny, writing this review in the style that u did, really made me laugh! x

  2. Wow your lashes look so long! I find that covergirl is so hard to pick up in the UK though! Hope your exam goes well tomorrow :) x

  3. Bonne chance ;)

  4. Oh you're so lucky to be able to buy Lashblast. We don't have it in the UK and I really want to try it! xx

  5. Hope the exam went well for you, my first language is English and you seem to have a better vocabulary than I do. Bit embarrassing really!

    Love the blog by the way :)