Thursday, June 23, 2011

Je pars en voyage...

 FINALLY. I'm leaving tomorrow. Ta-ta rainy Belgium, hola Tenerife :) 
I'm having such a hard time packing all my stuff as I want to travel light this year.
No more I-bring-all-my-closet-with-me I just can't deal with a heavy suitcase anymore.
I want this vacays to be so laid back , technology free and sunny.
I guess I'll be hanging out in bikini all days long sipping drinks and fooling around. It's a hard knock life!

As a goodbye post I wanted to share some of the beauty stuff I'm bringing with me.
Same rule this year as for my clothes. TRAVEL LIGHT.
I usually take way too much with me and only use 1/3 of the products. 
So I had to be all grown up and wise and pick the essential.

My main beauty case. These are my 5 favourite products that I can NOT leave at home : 

♥ Garnier shampoo Cherry and Almond. SMELLS DIVINE. Perfect for vacays hair!
♥ Avène sunscreen spf 30. Must have for my pasty-frecklely-red-headed--background skin. Thank you daddy :-) 
♥ I love cosmetics moisturizer in Coconut & Cream. It screams vacations :) 
♥ Victoria Secret Body Mist in Pure Seduction. Do I need to say more ? 
♥ Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish.  As going in vacations doesn't mean not taking care of you skin anymore. I don't the sea salt to mess with my skin.

Obviously I'm taking much more with me, but I didn't think it was necessary to show you which cotton bud I was taking with me.

My make up beauty case :

I have tried to select the essential of my makeup. Knowing that I'll keep my face bare all day long, this is just for nights out.

♥ Elf Bronzer . My ultimate favourite. I couldn't leave without it!
♥Elf blush in Candid Coral. One of my favourite coral blush. I know lots of people don't like it but I really do as it is subtle.
♥Maybelline gel liner. To get my perfect cat eyes.
♥ Lash curler.
♥ Nars multiple in Orgasm. To go for a more blushy blushy pink look.
♥L'oréal  Volume Millions Cils / Cover Girl Lashblast. A great combination of mascaras.
♥Benefit blush in Coralista. I just take it everywhere with me. 
♥ Guerlain Kiss Kiss lipgloss 760 in . Pink with rapsberry undertones. Super duper pigmented.
♥ Gosh darling. My nude on the go.
♥ Elf 3 in 1 stick in Golden Peach. I'll use it a highlight for a very sunkissed final touch.
♥My sleek palette in Storm = My best friend, my confident, my everything... LOL.

Nail polishes : 
That was the hardest of all. As I'm very whimsical when it comes to varnishes. The colour I wear depends on my mood and I can not predict what I will feel like wearing unfortunately. So I went for a basic choice.

♥ Mavala Mavadry top coat.
♥ China Glaze - Flip flop fantasy. The name says it all. It would be a crime not to take it with me.
♥ Chanel - Black Satin. A good old black basic. 
♥  Jessica - Action. A very bright red for a sophisticated look.
♥ Barry M - Mint Green. To match the ocean.
♥ Essie - Haute as hello. I mean, what else?

Voila voila :-) I'll write to you as soon as I come back.

Muchos xoxos, Marilou♡

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Song of the week

The Noisettes - Every Now and Then ♥

How pretty is she ? I love her afro hair :) 

XO, Marilou

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Favourite summer varnishes♥

It has been raining for a good week in Belgium.

How exciting, we can definitely feel that summer is just around the corner.
Okay so, that rainy weather was perfect for my exam session but now that I'm done, SUN HAS TO COME BACK ASAP. I'm not kidding.

So, to lighen up my days, I've been getting into summer-y shades of varnishes.
These are my favourites at the moment : 

Orly - Blushing Bud / Essie - Haute as Hello / China Glaze - Custom Kicks / Opi - Hot and Spicy

And a special mention to my favourite nail polish of all time : 
Essie Haute as Hello. I can not get over how pretty this colour is.
The perfect pinky-coral shade :) 

Also, this is the end of the scholar year, I can not believe how time flew by!
I can remember the first day of septembre like it was yesterday.
So, on that note, I wanted to share a picture with my girl Sophie.
I'm so glad that our paths have crossed as my year wouldn't have been the same without her :)

I hope everyone is doing well. I have soooo many posts I want to write but as I'm getting a roots canal  surgery (fun times, don't eat too much candies kids!) on monday and then leaving on vacays later the same week I will not be able to share that much but hopefully July is going to be postilicious! Haha

XO, Marilou

Monday, June 6, 2011

Coup de coeur : A Lashblast Story.

I couldn't resist any longer but I have a good escuse for posting tonight.
My english exam is tomorrow and so I thought oh great, let's write a post and in order to erase any guilt I'm going to do some magnanimous efforts and improve my english vocabulary level at the same time. 
Don't get surprised if you feel like reading a paper, that's the aim of this how-to-take-the-guilt-away post.
What a good comprise.(yes It starts NOW)
I do have an avid amibition to succeed tomorrow but I have an even more avid need to review two mascaras from Cover Girl. Oh shallowness... :) 

On the left : I've bought the Lashblast volume umpteen times, and rightfully as it is undubiously my favourite mascara ever. Numero uno in my heart for about 3 years now. A real blast for the lashes, indeed. Hitherto I haven't find any rival mascara as good as my good big fat orange one, like I'm used to call it :) 

On the right : The lashblast length. First time I went for something different in ages. Talk about a prowess. I went for the "little brother" of the lashblast volume as I had my eyes it for a long time.

I have to admit, I was a little reticent at the sloppy packaging. I'm ruthless towards these plastic tasteless colourful packagings. NO PITY whatsoever, I mean they could have made an effort on that one. Yellow? Really?
Hopefully, the brush totally made me forget that packaging cringe.

Also, my favourite part of buying a new cover girl mascara is when you get to  inaugurate it. Blissful moment, isn't it ? I really like the fact that the actual mascara is sealed and you and only YOU decide when you want to start officialy using it .

My application was a bit rusty as it's been two weeks in a row since I haven't apply a decent amount of makeup all over my face. My thought ? This mascara is exactly was I was expecting. *tearful voice*
Really discreet yet you can see a difference. It DOES lengthen my lashes and without the shadow of a single nasty clump, which is a good thing.

I'm pleased I got this mascara for these days when you want to look pampered without it looking too obvious and all over your face.

Do I reaaaaally need to review the lashblast volume? I've reviewed it here erstwhile (that's a good paper word!) I know some people do not love this little gem and do not get the fuss going around it but it does work for me and I always, always get a least one compliment when wearing it.

It must be acknowlegdeg that the massive breadth of the brush is the reason why it works so darn well.

For no reason you get the double amount of product for the same price. This bottle is GIANTIC and lasts for a good six months.

To sum up the foregoing very paper-esque review of these prodigious mascaras, they're affordable and work amazingly, so if you're looking for a good mascara, go for it.
I've even advised it to the cashier at the drugstore :)

OK, my study break time is off, so it's time to say aurevoir. I hope I didn't scare the boredom out of you by speaking in much more proper english but hey, it was for a good cause :)