Saturday, May 7, 2011

NOTD : D.S Mystery

Massive sorry for the lack of post this week but I am over-whelmed with college assignements. You know I'm overwhelmed when I start posting songs on my blog. Well I guess that's better than nothing.
 I can't believe the end of the scolar year is already there! Time sure flew by.. but I guess that's a good sign, I have finally find my path after years of struggling with the "what am I going to do with my life" and I'm utterly pleased with it :)

My nail polish of the day is the super fabulous Designer Series Mystery by OPI.

Just the fact that the bottle is special makes me love it even more. 

D.S Mystery is not your usual black/dark nail polish. It has tons of bling bling glitter in it and if you look closely you'll get mesmerized :) 

The colour isn't black, it goes more dark purple which is very pretty.

Mmmmmh look at all that gold glitter. Shiny shiny

What I love about this polish? It is so chic yet unique when worn. 
I do love a good dark polish for a night out, it is THE ultimate sophisticated touch of any outfits.

One thing that is great is that the gold bling bling touch stays very understated.

Tonight I'll be try to rock a Sam Faiers from #TOWIE make up inspiration, I hope you guys are going to like it! 

Have a great weekend :)
Bisous, Marilou