Sunday, May 8, 2011

MOTN : The only way is to wear falsies

Sam from #TOWIE inspired my for my make up of the night.
Oh gosh..Am I obsess with this show or what? 

I've noticed when wearing the show that she's not your regular smokey eyes girl. 

She's wearing false lashes and emphasizes the top of her eyes  
which gives her the most glamorous cat eye

 What I've done : 

Keep the lower lashes totally NUDE.

Maxi winged liner + understated smokey. 

And tataaaam. 

I adore this look and you can easily do it yourself with a bit of practice.
The falsies are really the must have for getting Sam's makeup though :) 

What do you think ? Would you wear this? 
XO, Marilou


  1. Looks gorgeous :) what lashes did you use? They are fab and look just like the ones Sam uses!x

  2. I love love love lashes... i never leave home with out them and lash glue lol... you look FAB with them on..!

  3. I love this!! I would be scared to try this myself I still haven't got the hang of applying liquid eyeliner no matter how many times I try!

  4. You look lovely! I wish I could wear fake lashes but since I wear glasses I can't, perhaps I should invest in contacts just so I can copy this look! xx

  5. totally gorgeous! I love the cat eye look!

  6. @Corrie Well to be honest I don't remember the brand of the lashes *covering face in shame* LOL but I bought them in boots last summer when I was in LDN.

    @Alisha Thanks lovely :) I actually left home without the glue and I regretted it LOL that's one thing I should remember from now on : never leave the house without glue lash!

    @Carla You deffo should try and try and try until you get the move as it's such a fab makeup to wear, I felt very glamy :-)

    @Lydia Thanks lyds! I encourage you to invest in some contacts as wearing falsies is the best thing EVER lol

    @Carlota Thanks :D

    @Ashii Thank you!! :-)


  7. Absolutely loving this look! Didn't ever consider keeping all lashes bare to draw attention but can't wait to try it now, it suits you so well!