Monday, April 4, 2011

♥ Victoria's secret's body mist ♥

I think anyone out there has pretty much heard about these fabulous mist from Victoria's secret.
I'm also pretty sure that everyone not living in the US knows how frustrating it is not being able to shop there and get their products.
Hopefully, we all have an acquaintance  living there or even a friend going to NY to bring us back some of these lovely mists. If not... well... it sucks for you because you're really missing out on something here.

One of my favourite of the bunch must be pure seduction. It's such an awkward name, I feel like a predator when wearing it but the smell of casaba melon, plum and freesia is just delightful and not overpowering at all :)  Too bad there is not a smell option on blogger. 

Especially nice to use when the weather become bearable, mist it over your bod after  shower and there you go,  ready to break some hearts, you little seducionnista.

I die already a little deep within knowing that I'm not gonna be able to go buy more and more of it when it will be empty. 

They have so many differents scents out there you just want to go crazy and get them all. 

When I went to NY , two years ago, I went to VS but wasn't aware that these mists were so worths it so I didn't grab any of them. Then when lately I read the review on Henessy's blog I knew I had to become the happy owner of these mists. Come to mama!
So, if you get a chance to go soon or know someone going, you know what to aks as a little souvenir !

Have you ever tried any of these? What is your favourite smell?
Needless to say that I die to try Victoria's secret makeup. *One day...*

XO, Marilou


  1. These look Yummy!

    There isn't a victorias secret in LDN I don't think?
    I guess I'll have to stick to the good old Body Shop :)

    I'm having a necklace blog giveaway at the moment if you's like to check it out:

  2. I am actually wearing Pure Seduction today! It's my favorite, too. I have about 5 different sprays. My boyfriend got them for me for my birthday about three years ago and none of them are close to being empty yet.

  3. I've heard so much about these, really want to try them x

  4. I used to be obsessed with Love Spell. It smells SO good, i haven't smelt any of the other scents but if they are anything like Love Spell i am sure i would love them all.

  5. I bought my sister the Victoria Secret cupcake body mist when I was in New York it is so nice, literally smells like its name.

  6. I've never heard of these but I think I'm going to have to give them a try!!

  7. On parlait de ton blog sur la radio "La première" aujourd'hui, on dirait que tu es LA référence belge en matière de blog de vernis à ongle !
    Félicitations !!!!!

  8. @H I don't think they have in LDN. They want to keep it very USA-esque apparently :-D

    @Mariealamode I knew you had super great taste héhé!

    @Tass You definitely should :)

    @Kenzie Oh I never tried the Love Spell. Now I want to or my life will be incomplete. LOL

    @Jaymie I knooow , the cupcake scent is in-sane! :)

    @Katxoxo You really should give it a try if you have a chance to buy them x

    @Elodie Ouiii j'ai entendu. Ca fait plaisir :D Je suis une NAILISTA. Héhé je met enfin un mot sur ma "maladie"

  9. Glad you finally got your hands on some. Pure seduction, berry kiss, amber romance are my fae scents from the collection.

  10. Love these mists! Who needs perfume when these beauties are handy!!
    I look forward to my next load of them..

  11. I love victoria secret body sprays, you're right. I love wearing it when I come out of the shower. I just randomly came across you're blog.. same interest :)