Monday, April 4, 2011

Summer it colour : yellow

I knew it would happened one day or another. 
I mean, we went through every colour, every wacky trend.
Yellow was the only one missing . Of course, you know it's OK to wear yellow only when Chanel comes out with a stunning "it" polish for this summer.


 At first, you're not very convinced. 
"Yellow??? Are you kidding me?
Errr it's beyond tacky, there is no way in hell I'm wearing this, I'm not 12."

Then you see this : 
(awkward silence)

Yes. YES! Natalie Portman herself wearing YELLOW NAIL POLISH.
And now, all you want to do is buy a yellow tacky nail polish. Don't you? I know you do!

She got it all right. 
Yellow is already on the top of the tacky colour list so she went very casual and sophisticated to tone it down.

Not being the happy owner of the actual glamorous Mimosa, I went for a dupe :

China Glaze - Lemon Fizz .
*Lemon Fizz?.... All the glamour fades away*

This varnish applies like a dream and is super bright but NOT neon which I love.
Amazingly, it suits my über pale skin tone perfectly :)
The Mimosa might be slighty darker but when It comes to yellow, 
you have to find the shade that will suits you the best otherwise it can go super disastrous.

Being the wacky nailista that I am, I had this colour for over a year and I got picked on when wearing it sooooo many times. HA! Who's the loser NOW? 

What do we think ladies ? IT COLOUR or not ? I'm pretty sure you can find yellow varnish in pretty much every drugstore brand if you're not willing to splurge for the Mimosa. 
Will you be wearing this? 
I am tomorrow :) 

Ps : A famous belgian radio show mentionned my blog. NO BIG DEAL I'm just super happy :) 

Have a great week, 
XO Marilou


  1. i am still on the fence on this yellow trend!!

    I have 2 gorgeous barry m yellow polishes but i generally wear them on my toes when i have a tan. The chanel polish looks gorgeous x

  2. Ahh I can see myself being sucked in by this trend too, doesnt Natalie make it look so chic!!!

  3. You know how I feel about yellow nailpolish! That china glaze one looks perfect!! I was looking for a more pastel one rather than a bright neon one. Yes, I can't wait to wear yellow nail polish =)

  4. Well done for getting mentioned on the radio :)
    I would have never considered wearing yellow either but now it's a trend I really want some! It would look great in the summer sun! xx

  5. Your blog is beautiful hun, following. :)

    I got some yellow nail varnish last year & I'm still not 100% about it on my finger nails, but I love it on my toes!

  6. love it! think I might need to crack out my barry m Lemon Ice Cream now :) xx

  7. Last summer i was all over yellow nail polish! =) It def looks great with a toned down outfit!1 =)

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  8. Yellow polish is still pretty tacky and look pretty cheap...and its pretty um...yes, its is pretty ;)))))
    (let's see how much time it will take to buy one for myself)

  9. and wow! Marilou,congratulation on being mentioned on the radio! I remember jumping around and screaming like crazy when I saw one famous blogger in my subscriber box, can imagine how happy you must be now! (an event like this would totally disturb my poor mental health ;))

  10. I love this color!! Could never pay$25 for a nail polish though so I def want to find something cheaper!!

  11. I get picked on for my nail selections as well, but I don't get it! If your outfit is cute/calm/collected then they MUST understand and know that you've got great tate! *smh* lol

  12. @Stephxox You should give it a go on yours nails :)

    @Jadegrrl I know! How chic is she? That should be convincing for people still on the fence héhé

    @Vida I knew you would like it as it is more of pastel yellow :) Héhé

    @Tass Thanks :) I'm sure this colour would look good on you are you're not as pale as I am :D x

    @Cat Aw thanks Cat :D step by step, first the your fingers :-)

    @Rachie Barry M Lemon Ice cream is such a gorgeous yellow!!! I wish I've had it :) x

    @Anya Yay! way to go girl, way to go :D x

    @Renée Aw thanks Renée :D! Haha I know the feeling of being followed by one of your ultimate favourite blogger, I went through the whole jumping phase too LOL xoxo

    @Katxoxo You can find so many great yellow dupes on the market :) x

    @Justine THANKS :D Héhé!! x

    @E Welcome in the nail-bullied group my friend! Haha It doesn't matter to me anymore because most of the time the people making fun of my wacky nails have very bad taste in nail polish themselves, like wearing red toes and nails everyday for about 5 years(and the application is ugly) :D

  13. I don't own any yellow polishes BUT I am holding out for that lovely yellow Chanel one to come out in their Summer Collection as I instantly loved it as soon as I saw it on someone else's preview post!


  14. I love yellow nails. Infact i am rockin dem now. I love how it pops on my complexion..

    Good stuff that a radio has deep appreciation of your blog.. Its too cool!! :D

  15. applies like a dream? for me it was a disaster, its so thick and uneven with two coats....i still dont find a decent and not super expensive yellow polish