Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Only Way Is Essex : Season 2

Best tv show this year so far. Hands down!
Shallow indeed but hey, after a super long day at uni I'm exhausted and I need some serious brain rest. 

Hopefully our favourites characters are still there. Woo hoo.

Flingstone Arg, Lauren Newton John and Marc with some very questionnable tight sleeveless top.

Oh yes. Some major engagement going on between Marc and Lauren.
Marc crying like a kid during his speech was beyond disturbing.
I'm never gonna be the same ever again now.

Some new faces such as Chloé. Am I this only one that is super disturbed by her missing tooth? 
I mean, when she speaks it's the only thing I can focus on not like Kirk's dad that seems to have a massive adoration for her giantic boobs.

Harry at his reemest. Coolest kid EVER.

My absolute new favourite. JOE ESSEX.
Not only he has the thickest hair I have ever seen, make up über cool words but he wears orange Uggs. How not to love him?

No Sam, we don't believe in your sudden interest in Joe but that's ok because the first  bicycle date in the woods was the best TV moment of my life.

Good old Argie :) 

My new obsession. GLAMPING. I mean, there are no words to describe how I feel about Glamping.

What is up with Sam's face when she kisses Joey?
 I don't know if you have noticed, but their kisses make me super uncomfortable. 

Poor lyds! So much drama going on with her at the moment... 

Love her nail polish there so I've found one pretty similar :
Opi - Done out in deco 

Super random post but I had to share as this show have been my highlights of the past few weeks :)

Nowadays my biggest wish in life must be to stop by to Essex 
during my next Uk's trip and hang out at Sugar Hut.  Sad, I know :D

What do you think of season 2 ? 
XO , Marilou


  1. OMG I love TOWIE too! I have loved Arg this season, him and Mark make me chuckle so much. I've also loved Sam's outfits, I so want to visit Minnies! Loved Lydia and her gorgeous clothes p.s her nail varnish is me,me,me - generous. Also I am too disturbed by Chloe's missing tooth- I am obsessed with Maria's teeth- amazing. Finally Joey Essex- what a babe. All I can say is REEM. xx

  2. i haven't heard of this show...i need to watch it! i love that nail color!

  3. Such a hysterical show, I absolutely love it hahaha x

  4. I love TOWIE too! I'm so sad it's nearly over :(

  5. Et dire que ma target made in Essex arrive dans 10 jours et reste pendant au moins 2 semaines :)

  6. TOWIE makes me laugh..the people in there are JUST not serious..Makes good tv i guess..

    But i cant stand certain characters. Such as Mark, Amy, Lauren, Chloe, Joey and Lydia.


    New season will be back in September.. so until then nomore Vajazzles, Reem, Suntan and Shatt upp..lolol

  7. I love this tv show too! I'm obsessed. . sadly lol i'm embarassed to admit it to my boyfriend though LOL. I love all the beauty in the show! Do you know what colour Jess Wright wears in the last ep of Season 4? Check out my blog at