Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What I wore #5 Spring is in the air

 Today has been the prettiest day outside. 17 DEGREES. I mean, wow! I didn't need a coat nor a scarf. It was very enjoyable and I was happy all day long. Crazy how the weather can change your mood, huh :) I thought it would be cool to show my outfit of this perfect sunny day. I suck BIG TIME at doing outfit of the day, so this is just a random pic taken at Uni that I've cropped. I know.. I need to get myself together and do something a little more bloggerish, this looks way to generation skyblog. So 2005.How amateur of me, I KNOW!  (I've been watching too much F.r.i.e.n.d.s lately, that's why the Monica's "I KNOW")  Nothing spectacular. A floral long sleeve top from New look, a high waisted skirt from Zara (that is  slighty too small and that made me breathe so hardly, but hey, pain is beauty!) 
To add a little more fun to the outfit, I wore a bright blue varnish (Opi-No Room For The Blue)

Would you like me to post more of my OOTD ? 



  1. You are so pretty! Love the makeup. xoxo

  2. Ahahaha your outfit is very cute!!!! Suffocae usually happens with high-waisted skirts... Unfortunately I know it....
    About the video of make-up...would be great and funny!!!! and your accent isn't a problem!! You should hear me....xDDD


  3. what blush are you wearing? it looks great.

  4. @Ellysmakeupbag Thanks :D xx

    @Superblua Haha I knoow, suffocate is the exact word! LOL I'm sure your accent isn't that bad, nothing can beat my awful spanish accent though. Terrifying.

    @Justine Hi Justine :) Thanks! I'm wearing Orgasm by Nars

    @Meaas Aw thank you!

  5. Oooh I would love more OOTDs!! That top is so pretty! xxx

  6. more OOTDs would be perfect :D

    love love LOVE the floral long sleeve top *_*


  7. @Nicola Oh thanks Nicola , actually this idea of doing more OOTD came when I was reading your blog, I love to see your outfits :) xx

    @Littleclassyrose Okay :D Thanks girl :) xx

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  9. that outfit is so nice, you look gorgeous!

  10. @SoBrincos Thanks, not sure I understood everything though..!

    @Hannah Thanks girl :D x

  11. Tes cheveux ont bien poussé, ça te va super bien :D Et je veux le même t-shiiirt... Enjoy the sun!

  12. You look lovely! I love the splash of colour that the blue nail polish gives xx