Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NOTD : Rose Précieux

What a lovely day outside, I CAN'T believe it's actually 12°.. when it was still snowing last year. 
It's the time of the year when you open your closet and think :  sweet lord, I don't have ANYTHING to wear, I'm fat, ugly, stupid and too loud.  
Well perhaps that's just me, but when spring comes around I know it's time to call into question everything and "rebirth"myself (if that even make sense) . Okay, so that was very deep... 

My NOTD is the oh-so-precious 52 Rose Précieux by Bourjois.
It is supposed to give a  false nails effect, and I agree it does give a very neat finish.
The colour is filled with subtle gold shimmers which I love!
It's such a sweet pink,  perfect for such a sweet day :) 

On repeat lately : Robert Abigail & Dj Rebel  - Meneando 
Nothing better than a super cheesy spanglish salsa song with loads of totally unnecessary sunglasses, big fat diamond earrings and a gringo with tasteless braided hair that pretends to sing to cheer my mood up!



  1. Lovely sweet nails, im liking the song choice too LOL v cheesy!!

  2. ohhh i realy like that colour! ahh you've made me wanna go to town an buy it now :P
    x x x

  3. This looks like a great polish to do a french manicure with! xx

  4. I feel the same way about my wardrobe. I wish my wallet did too =/

  5. That's such a nice colour! x

  6. oh i looove that colour! Looks amaazing