Sunday, March 27, 2011

NOTD : n°24 Bourjois - Black pearl dupe ?

My nail polish of the day is by Bourjois , a very dark colour with some blue shimmer in it that reminds me a lot of Chanel - Black Pearl although it may be a bit darker.

I would not say dupe but it definitely looks similar. 
I always read about reviews describing similarities between Chanel and Bourjois, obviously as the first brand owns the other.

I'm always late on the Chanel trend, everytime I want to get my paws on one of the latest "it" colour it is GONE in no time and sold out everywhere. Wow.
People go crazy over Chanel nail polishes although it is way over the top pricey and you can easily find dupe in other drugstore brands... and cherry on the cake, for that amount of money, I personnally don't think they have the best nail polish quality ! ! ! 
Being the nail polish freak that I am, I own some Chanel but they are not the one I love the most or the one I reach most oftenly... but hey, that's just me.

A little close up so you can see the gorgeous shimmer :)

So, do you find this to be a dupe for Chanel - Black pearl ? 
Do you go crazy over these "trendy" Chanel varnishes or do you go for dupes instead ? 

Have a great lazy sunday. XO, Marilou


  1. I've never bought a chanel polish but I would love to own one some day. I'm like you though- by the time the hype has won me over they are gone!

  2. This is nice, I've never bought a nail varnish from the brand before although I've heard really great things about it, next time I want a new nail varnish I might now! :) xxx
    Great post, maybe check out my blog back? :)

  3. I own a few Chanel nailplishes, but no Black Pearl. Because I have a dupe from Givenchy from that colour. Givenchy Elegant Pearl looks very similar to the Chanel. I have a post on my blog to that colour.

    I don´t think that your nailpolish is a dupe, because of the purple undertones. I think yours is bettern then the Chanel.


  4. I love that colour <3
    Bourjois polish is great xx

  5. I would love to own Chanel nail polishes but for the price you pay for one you can easily get 2 to 3 drugstore nail polishes. I love Revlon ones especially!

    Just started following you btw :) Great blog! <3