Sunday, March 20, 2011

NOTD : Jules

It's the first time in years ('s official I'm not 20 anymore ..sigh) that I'm not varnish-fulfilled with the spring collections. Usually, spring and fall are when the best colour comes out. 
But this year...I mean...What happened? Texas Collection?????? For real? No offense, but this collection is just so tacky. 
It's very rare that I don't like even ONE colour.. Sorry OPI, but it was a big miss for me.
Don't get me wrong though, I'm a major OPI's fan as half of my varnishes are from them... but *SIGH*

However, Zoya Intimate collection is by far, one my favourite spring collection. 
Nothing that will take your breathe away but all the colours are just lovely. 
One stands out particularly from the others : Jules
Jules is a super pretty understated gold glittery colour. It's not your ultimate blingtastic varnish, but it looks lovely, very passe-partout yet uncommon.

In the close-up you can see the true colour of this little baby. Muy fabuloso isn't it ?
I feel very ladylike and sophisticated when I wear this colour :) 

What do we think ladies ?

PS : Just saying but...#TOWIE is coming back tonight for another season. Yaaaaaaay, I wonder what will be the main drama of this season??

On repeat : Sara Bareilles - Uncharted 

Have a great sunday muchachas! xo Marilou


  1. I really like that colour! Shame I've never seen Zoya polishes for sale in the UK :( x

  2. Very pretty, it catches so much light! :) Where do you get Zoya polishes?

  3. @Kat It's so weird that UK doesn't sell Zoya.. Try on Ebay :)

    @Yu Pretty, huh :) Actually a friend of mine based in Canada send me those from time to time but I know you can find them on Ebay for a very reasonable price! xo

  4. Ah so pretty! It reminds me of glitzerland by OPI

  5. Ha ha merci pour le com' et sinon oui, il est super beau ce vernis. Ca me fait penser qu'il y en des dingues dans la boutique Colette. Mais je me souviens plus de la marque.

    Ce sont des petites fioles toutes rondes avec des capuchons blanc, des couleurs super flashies !

    See U !

  6. @Vida It looks similar!! :)

    @LadyMoriarty De rien héhé! Ce ne serait pas de la marque USLU par hasard ? ceci ???? Je bave dessus depuis des lustres j'attends mon prochain séjour parisien pour m'en donner à coeur joie! :)

  7. La nouvelle collection quite cute de mac est assez sympa jpense, dont un vernis couleur genre menthe à l'eau assez irrésistible! ^^