Saturday, March 5, 2011

My February Favourites

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula : My favourite body moisturizer for about a few months now.
It does softens, smoothes and relieves dry skin. At first I didn't enjoy the overpowering smell that much but now I'm used to it and I can't use anything else.

Baby Johnson's baby oil. A classic. My skin is incredibly soft after using this. A must have!

Aussie Take the Heat. The smell is simply AMAZING, unfortunately it is coming to an end and I have no possibilities to buy it in Belgium. I'm so bummed :( I know it's already has been in my December favourites, but hey, don't judge LOL I love it way too much!

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish . Washing my skin has become my favourite part of the day since I'm  using this product + my skin is radiant = Massive crush :)

E.l.f Gold Bronzer is like a bronzer and highlighter all in one. It brightens my face in a sec. Love it!

Estée Lauder Crystal Baby Pink, I've rediscovered this little gem that was unused for so long in my lipsticks storage. It's so moisturizing, glossy yet covering. Perfect coral pink shade for a daily basis :)

Rituals Cream and Care lipstick in Nude , I've been using this almost everyday. Great nude colour.

China Glaze Below Deck. I have an unconditional love for this colour . Punt aan de lijn.

E.l.f  Candid Coral. Its name says it all, I've been reaching it a lot lately and for such low-price blush the pigmentation is pretty damn good .

Have a great weekend everyone :) Marilou, XO


  1. I've been using Palmers Cocoa Butter for years, and it's amazing. I tried buying a shops own brand cocoa butter and it wasn't anywhere near as good.

    I want to try E.L.F - I think I might have a look on their site and try some stuff out, I've heard a lot of good things! :) x

  2. I've wanted to try the ELF bronzer for ages but I never actually get round to buying it, i've only ever heard good things though :)

  3. Candid coral is beautiful! Great favourites! xo

  4. Hello !

    Ha ha mais non, mais non ! Et puis à Bruxelles y'a des friperies vachement sympas sans déconner !

    See U !

  5. Je confirme, ce petit bronzer ELF est génial en hilighter :D Puis Below Deck je l'adore, mais tu le sais déjà :p♥ J'ai envie depuis un moment de tester la marque Aussie, comme tu le dis, on la trouve pas dans nos pays grrr :/

  6. @Kat I know Palmer's is amazing huh :D You definitely need to try some elf products, plus they have an amazing range :-) xx

    @Lauren Go Lauren gooooo, you need to try one of them. Actually, they have different shades so you'll be able to get the right one for you :) xx

    @Jennie Thanks :D xx

    @LadyMoriarty Haha, merci pour ta réponse, c'est vrai en plus il y a des magasins vintages pas mal ici aussi :-)

    @Julie Great minds think alike :D Mais Aussie à chaque moi je fais mon stock de provisions quand je pars sur Londres car ce sont vraiment des trop bons produits :) Je te les conseille vivement

  7. Really nice favorites :) How exactly do you use the baby oil? :) x

  8. Thanks Stravroula :D The baby oily.. I use it about twice or thrice a week after my evening shower, it feels very greasy at first but when you wake up in the morning your skin is SO SOFT .
    You can also use it in a daytime but don't apply too much product on your skin and massage it deeply, it might take a while though but the result is incredible :) xx

  9. I saw the lipstick in the picture and I was like, "what is thatt!" its so pretty =)