Saturday, March 19, 2011

Illamasqua cream blusher ♥

Hey gringas,

I always had a major crush on cream blusher. They give you that perfect healthy glow and in comparison I always find regular powder blusher pretty boring.
One thing that is great is that from one brand to another, not only you have different colours but also different formulas and texture. 
I already made a post about the Mac cream blusher.  
Today I'm writing you a post about my ultimate favourite cream blusher : ILLAMASQUA'S.

The one I got is Promise, a warm candy pink.

When I saw this colour and dipped my fingers in the sample version it was love at first touch.
The texture is simply amazing. It's dewy yet so not greasy and extremely easy to apply.

I regret I didn't get more of these cream blushers as they have so many other gorgeous colours in their range.

The colour is very Barbie-like and bright, It gives you two pinky over the top cheeks which I love to wear with a very neutral make up. 
However, it is buildable if you are looking for something a little bit more understated.

Have you ever tried these blushers from Illamasqua? This brand is one of my favourite although I don't own many of their products...#Sad (Oops...Damn you twitter!)

That being said, I've been sick all week long, sneezing and blowing my nose every 3 seconds..
That's why I spare you a pretty disastrous/messed up Face of the Day.
Such a yay way to start spring, huh ? The cool part is that, in order to recover  I had to stay at home, cuddling in bed with green tea, watching DVD.
 I never buy DVD unless I know I will watch it over and over again.
(YES Beauty and the Beast is in the list)

Also, I've been watching Friends . Needless to say that I'll never ever get tired of watching this show. MASSIVE ADORATION :) 

Have a le très fabulous weekend everyone! XO, Marilou


  1. I love this pink! I haven't tried Illamasqua but this review really tempts me to :) Lovely swatch!
    I hope you are feeling good now ^^

    Beauty and the Beast is my favorite too. hehe!

  2. What a gorgeous shade. I want to try a cream blush for this summer and im tempted between stila, bobbi brown and illamqua.

  3. I must try the Illamasqua cream blushers! They look absolutely perfect

  4. Such a beautiful creamy colour! Looks lovely :) I must say your blog is so interesting :) following you now xx

  5. @Sara.H Thanks :) I'm starting to feel a wee better. You definitely should try them, they are amazing and they have so many great colours hehe x

    @Ellysmakeupbag Gorgeous isn't it ?! Well, I never had the opportunity to try Stila nor Bobbi Brown cream blush so I can't help you there, but from all the other blushers I've tried Illamasqua is the greatest BY FAR! x

    @Vida Héhé, they are indeed :)

    @Fashionismyh2o It's very creamy indeed. Thanks girl :)

  6. Super pretty! I love cream blushes x

  7. That colour is so gorgeous..and I just looove beauty and the beast hehe :)

  8. @Gaby Glad you like it too :)

    @HannahMichelle Héhé beauty and the beast knows it best :D

  9. hope you're better now!
    oh, and I am totally with you on Friends - I can watch it on repeat and never get tired

  10. @Renée Thanks I'm feeling much better :) Héhé, friends is CULT!