Friday, March 25, 2011

I am glowing from within, all because the sun shined once again

 Hello my little rays of light. WOW I'm in such a good mood. As I wrote : I am glowing from within,  all because the sun shined once again . It says it all :)
Apologies for the über lack of post this week, but the sun has been too appealing.  I've been out and about around Brussels all week long, catching up with some friends, enjoying some delicious japanese food with my dad, chilling on patio and talking for hours over some iced coffee (fatty girls that we are).

This is one of my very casual outfit of the day :

  Ray Ban aviator 
Topshop Marc B quilted bag 
French Connection blazer
New Look striped top,
  random skinny jeans 
 and Mango flats. 

Dare I say LaurenConrad inspired ? I WISH!

I wore a super bright neon varnish, China Glaze - FlipFlop Fantasy. 

It's a super pretty orange/pink colour.
One of the only neon colour that actually looks good on me, I had so many compliments.
 Don't mind the shitteousness of the swatch but at least my blackberry captured the most accurate neon side of the varnish. 

Hope you all have been enjoying this sunlicious week :)  XO, Marilou


  1. I love your outfit, very casual and put together.

  2. WOW that nail polish is amazing! xx

  3. Love that nail polish, perfect for Spring :) xx

  4. That polish is so bright, I like it! x

  5. I want Ray Ban aviators tooooo, they're so nice! :)

  6. that is the prettiest shade of neon coral i've never seen!

  7. What a wicked cool shade of polish *want* :D

  8. @Ellysmakeupbag Thanks girl :D

    @Sunshinesam @Stefany @Tass I know, so pretty huh?:)

    @Yu You need some, they're so easy to wear with everything :-)

    @Littlelucy Yay! Glad you like it :-)

    @Jadegrrl Haha ,wicked is the word!!! ;-)

  9. Your look remminds me a lot of Lauren Conrad and I luuuurve that neon colour on you. Bright nailo colours are always great in my books :)

  10. I have that nail polish as well but it never looks that even on my nails :( It always looks streaky. WHYYY?? :D please help!

  11. @Henessy WOOO HOOOOO :D this is by far one of the nicest comment EVER haha ! this colour is fab and I'm sure it would look amazing on you ! ! ! :)

    @Tugba Well, I apply 3 coats ( let each coat dry between the new one ) then I apply I super thick top coat (I think the topcoat is the reason why mine doesn't look streaky ) that day I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails (it super thick) Hope I've helped you :D

  12. love your outfit & loooove your polish!!