Monday, February 28, 2011

NOTD : Top turquoise

Hi girls, 

Nothing better than wearing a bright turquoise blue nail varnish to cheer you up when the sky is grey.
And, oh, no surprise, it is today. *SMH*
Glad we're finally ending this month, I'm more than ready to embrace the spring.

Don't you feel that we already went through every nail polish trend?
I mean, neon, glitter, crackle, matte, nude, pastel, greige...
I really am curious to know what is up next, what will be the big colour trend this summer/fall.

I find this colour very similar to one colour Lauren Conrad was wearing a while ago.
That's an even better reason to wear it :) 

Have a great day :) 


  1. That colour is one of my faves, it looks good on you. I love love that shade on nails & went through a period when I wore it all the time.

  2. That color is absolutely beautiful!!! Love it :D

  3. @Imogen Thank you :D

    @Henessy Thanks, I know It's one my favourite as well. Since I saw it on your blog I kneeew I had to own it :)

    @Emma I know, fabulous!

  4. thats a real pretty blue. Matches Laurens right on.

  5. I love this color!!


  6. Oooh we love this colour & we love LC even more. It makes us think of summer! ;)

    T & J


  7. This shade suits you purrrfect!! Keep rocking it
    Rimmel London has a similar shade..

  8. i love this colour!
    i have a similar colour from Urban Outfitters a couple of years back :)

    nice blog - full of nice tips and ideas xx

  9. @Annette Oh thanks!! :D

    @JoJo Thank you, I think I know what colour are you talking about ! :)

  10. LC♥
    & Models Owns, il faut absolument que je passe commande, ces vernis me tentent trop :)