Sunday, February 6, 2011

NOTD : Light as air

I think I choose to wear Light as air today because the weather is finally getting better. 
By better of course, I meant not freezing as hell. 
I can already smell spring, which is just around the corner. 
I'm so sick and tired of winter, I am ready for spring to finally show up!

This colour is so sweet, fresh and girly, in other words :  Perfect for spring!

I have been quite busy these days, massively due to uni and also to many birthday celebrations. 
Haven't you notice that february is THE month of birthdays. It seems like most of my friends were born this month. 
Hope everyone is doing well, 



  1. Oh this colour is lovely, I've just ordered one by Butter London called Muggins which I think will look similar! I know what you mean about this weather, I've had enough of it too!

  2. I haven't really seen a nail polish colour like that but it's cute!

    btw, i know you're a big nail polish fan, so you can check out my post about Models Own's Gold Nail Polish. Let me know what you think okie?

  3. Hey jolie couleur! Ça me fait penser à Lilacism (ou quelque chose du genre) d'Essie!!!

  4. love this colourrr! :)

  5. It's a gorgeous color! Are those your real nails? They're really nice!

  6. Hi Marie, unfortunately these are not my real nails. I wish they were though :)

  7. I thought these were your real nails! They look great though, makes me want to get my acrylics put back on! The colour is so pretty. xo

  8. @Emily I know they look so real LOL but they are from Nailene, so not acrylics one as I like to go back to my natural short nails pretty often :)

  9. Beutiful shade! It's definitely great for Spring!

  10. Oooooh this is a LOVELY colour, I deffo need to take you nail polish shopping you always seem to pick great colours :)

  11. Je le porte depuis quelques jours et il n'a pas bougé; Je ne me souvenais pas qu'il était aussi si simple à poser; C'est mon nouveau vernis chouchou :p

    Des Bisouuus..*