Monday, February 7, 2011

My morning skin care routine ♥

I'm having a love affair with skin care products. I never really blogged about it maybe because it is not as glamorous as showing a brand new lipstick but I reckon that this might interest you as what is more important than a glowy/healthy skin to start any good makeup application?I always choose my skin care products carefully as my skin is very sensitive and I tend to have really bad breakout if my combination type of skin is not well taken care of.I've been trying loads of differents products with the aim of finally getting the perfect skin.. 
So far, so good.. I haven't been disappointed but I love to try new products and discover new brands
For the last month, my morning skin care routine has totally changed from what I'm used to..

I wash my face with Avène - Cleanance Gel which I L.O.V.E as it is a soapless cleanser. I used to wash my skin with the La Roche Posay, Effaclar cleanser but it was too harsh for my skin.  Avène cleanser doesn't dry my skin out and leave my face with a perfect clean feeling.  It is such a good product to use on a daily basis.

 Then I  consciously apply my 50+ Bioderma sunscreen . Such a crucial step, and no 22 years old is not too young to prevent your skin from the sun's damages.

And eventually, I apply ..*drumrolls* my new little baby, my Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré  which is, hands down, the best nourishing moisturizer I have ever used so far in my life (and god only knows how many of them I've tried) It has the perfect fluid texture but yet moisturize perfectly without leaving you with a greasy feeling! My skin is so soft and nourished thanks to this cream! I also love that it is paraben free ! Yay As you can see , it's almost empty and I am definitely rebuying it :)

And voilà, hope this was helpful, don't hesitate if you have any request or question.
What is your skin care routine? Let me know if you have any great recommandation!!



  1. embryolisse is amazing indeed :-) , i heard about it on pixiwoos

  2. Avène Cleanance est un must pour réveiller sa peau le matin !

    J'adore ton blog, continues comme ça !!!

  3. Do u use sunscreen in winter too ?? is it really necessary ?


  4. I am constantly looking for new skincare products to try. I still haven't found my holy grail products just yet, but I am working on it! Great recs!

  5. J'adore Avène, ce sont vraiment des bons produits! :)

  6. Nice and simple :) I love Avene! ;) Have you reviewed the Embryolisse moisturizer? If so, please do it :) x

  7. I love argan oil as evening care. In the morning my face is always super soft.