Saturday, February 19, 2011

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish ♥

Hi girlies :) 

I've been conctated by the lovely Andrea from Liz Earle who sent me over the oh-so famous Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser.

I was very excited to be finally able to try out this multi award-winning cleanser as I've read about it on many blogs such as Pixiwoos or Makeuploover and many others.

It is always difficult for me to find good skin care products because my skin is very sensitive and tends to get really, really dry.

I've been using Cleanse & Polish for a good week now and I am so pleased and satisfied with this product.

♥ The application is very easy, you just need to  massage one or two pumps onto your dry skin then use the previously dipped in hot water muslin cloth and gently wipe off the cream with it.

♥ One thing that really amazed me is that my skin didn't feel the immediate and very uncomfortable moistureless sensation.

♥ I like the fact that is has a pump, I find it very hygienic and practical.

My skin has never been so soft and purified

♥ My pores are deeply cleaned and blackheads free. Wow 

♥ The cleanser has a very refreshing smell and an unctuous texture.

Gentle yet effective, it removes ALL OF MY MAKEUP even stubborn mascara (and I wear A LOT of mascara ) and leaves my skin radiant.

♥ The pure muslin cloth (= l'essui de mousseline) is brillant and exfoliate the skin perfectly. 
Because it is gentle, you can exfoliate on a daily basis and lift away dead skin cells and impurities.

♥ Cherry on the cake, for such an amazing product the price is very affordable : 15 euros for a starting kit with a 100ml bottle + 2 muslin cloths. Definitely worths it ! 
I'm already planning on getting more and more of this cleanser. My new favourite!

I'm utterly satisfied satisfied with my Cleanse & Polish therefore I'm definitely looking forward to getting more of Liz Earle products in the near future. 
As I am a moisturize freak, I have my eyes on their skin repair moisturizer and mask.

You can order their  fabulous range of products online here  (they do deliver worldwide :) Yay)

What do we think ladies? Have you ever tried it ? Or any recommandations for my next LizEarle buy?
Hope everyone is doing fantastic, have a great weekends ladies



  1. What a great article, lucky you that you've been selected to try this product on (:

    I was looking for awhile for a kind of product like this one which have that much qualities (it is pretty hard actually!),I have such a dry skin and some blackheads too that I just can't wait to try this one on as much as I know that you're always telling the truth about any product that you've tried on, the good and bad things that we could expect!

    Thank's to you Dear Marilou.

  2. hi, new to the site, thanks.

  3. I totally agree with you M. Queen. I think you'revery good adviser and I'll try this on...

  4. Amazing review, this sounds like such a nice product!!


  5. Ah I've always wanted to try this, and after your review I think I want to purchase it as my new cleanser! So glad they ship worldwide =)

  6. I love this product, I'm nearly running out so I'll need to buy more the scent too! x

  7. what a nice blog, very inspiring! :)

  8. coucou!! chouette note, ca donne envie d'essayer :D
    on peut en trouver en Belgique quelque part ou c'est juste par internet ?

    continues comme ça en tt cas!!!!!

  9. Pour le moment seulement sur internet, sinon tu peux aussi en acheter lors de ton prochain passage en Grande Bretagne :) x

  10. I need to buy this product. great review ,