Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mac Cremeblend Blushes

Hi girls,

I have such a busy weekend ahead, I got my results yesterday and I pretty much nailed all my exams :) So , yay to me , that's one step forward to my dream job : Beauty PR.

Lately, I've read so many tweet about the Mac Cremeblend blushes being discontinued and bla and bla.
At first , I wasn't that astonished because I know that many customers did complain about the texture of these cremeblend blushes : overdewy, overoily,  oversticky..

But It seemed strange that Mac would totally discontinued their cremeblend blushes. I mean, they're a pretty important part of the blushes range and every brand have somewhere a creme blush.
Indeed, Mac discontinued their old blushes to recreate new ones, sometimes with new colours and most important with a new formula and a new texture.

These are the two blushes I have from the "old" formula range : 

Ladyblush and Lillicent

I know that I love creme blushes more than powder blushes as I love the dewy finish.
However, I do think that they are a little bit too sticky and give an OVER-dewyness finish.

I also do find them very hard to apply with your fingers. I mean, I own many others creme blushes from Illamasqua or even Nars and I find the application way more easy.

On the left, Ladyblush which is more of a pink shade and on the right Lillicent which is way more coral and recreate a natural cheek colour.

 I was bummed to learn that Lillicent would NOT be coming back though the colour is fantastic.

 Because the application with your fingers is really messy and apply them with a fluffy brush that provides a very nice finish.

You can see the swatches from the new cremeblend blushes here and here 

Are you going to buy the new cremeblend blushes  ?? (I am!)
What are your thoughts on the old version?
Let me know :)

Have a great weekend,

Muchos xoxos,Marilou


  1. I have the old cremeblend blush in Posey and I've never had any problems with it being oily though it can get a little sticky but it din't bother me that much x

  2. I'll definitely try the new blends out in store. Can't believe how yucky the old ones felt!

  3. Omg I can't believe they're discontinuing them! I had such a long list of ones I wanted to buy. Hopyfully I can still pick up whatever's left over =(

  4. @Tass I've noticed that everyone has a different experience with those blushes. Posey seems like a very nice colour!

    @Kate Héhé, yucky is the word!

    @Vida Vida, noooo they're not discontinued, I've wrote that they were remade with an other texture :) They will be out soon, so you will be able to get them ! LOL

  5. OOh I completely misunderstood, thank god. So excited for these!

  6. I do like ladyblush a lot.. but I'm loooving the new formula.. Got mine in Virgin Isle and it's stunning and long lasting!