Saturday, February 26, 2011

3 years of photobooth

I have my MacBook for already 3 years. He is getting old and this might be the year to buy a new one.
He has followed me everywhere, has travelled with me, has been through every hair cuts and hair colours, different tans, the good and the bad.
I have billions of photo in my photobooth and because I had to sort out how photoshop works I made a little photomontage (yeah right...the escuse of the year). 
I'm sure you can notice the mediocrity of it, but hey, I'm a photoshop newbie!
It's funny to look back at old pictures and eventually admit that I love taking pictures of my proper self.
Not for the whole pounting and posing thing  (Okay I do pout and over-pose at times, don't judge! LOL) but more for looking back at it, and..Really? What was I thinking ?..or.. Oh I remember, that was the day I went there and that happened :) 
Don't you photobooth yourself from times to times? Or Am I a creepy me-myself-and-I bitch ??

Raaaaann-dom :) 



  1. This was a cool post :)
    you're very pretty!
    I'm jealous :D xx

  2. Ah mais moi c'est trop la meme!
    Ca fait aussi 3 ans que j'ai mon MB et PhotoBooth est blindé de photos de ma petite personne :P
    Et je te le dis sincèrement tu es absolument gorgeous! Limite tu me mets des complexes énormes en pleine face!!!

  3. you seem to rock any hair style and length!
    oh, by the way, I moved to
    just in case =)

  4. Love the pics, your hairsyles are all so nice :) xx

  5. La septieme est splendide

  6. Cute photos, it's fun to see the change in hairstyles!

  7. @Lauren LOL! Thanks lovely :)

    @MarieAnne Oh merci dit! jte retourne le compliment belle enfant . Ca va je me sens moins seule dans ma folie photobooth :D

    @Renée Thank you Renée! I'm gonna check your new link out :)

    @Tamii Thanks girl :D

    @Imogen I know! And I haven't posted the worse haha

  8. Cute pictures :)
    I'm now following. Would love if you could come check out my blog too?

  9. looooool awww i love photobooth :) xoxo

  10. lol what a fun post! And I am so guilty of photo boothing my self! x

  11. Jajajaja un post muy divertido!!! en cuanto a los cambios de look te quedan todos genial!!

  12. @Superblua Haha I've understood everything but I'm not ready to answer in spanish :) Muchas gracias xxx

  13. Emily Blunt! that's it! I broke my head trying to figure out what actress you reminded me of in some pictures!
    (sorry for the crazy comment, had to share other wise I would burst ;)))

  14. LOL Renée thanks, that's a pretty nice comparison :) you did good sharing it xx

  15. Your Pics are a lovely selection...Don't worry u aint creepy..we all do it..Mind you i need to start growing my pics on photobooth too.. :-)

  16. ça te va trop bien la coupe carrée :D Je passais te faire un pti coucou, j'espère que tout va bien pour toi!

    Smacky ;)