Saturday, January 15, 2011

♥Pink/Purple Smokey ♥

I love smokey eyes but I tend to be easily bored so for a change I went for something pink/purple.

It's very understated and easy to wear :)

 I used to think that pink and purple didn't match my eye colour and make me look sick but I think it's more a matter of finding the right pink/purple colour for your eyes .

Have a good weekend everyone, 


  1. tes yeux sont tres ravissants, je leur adore!

  2. ooo i love the color! its kinda how i do my eyes too :) i use "last call" and "grifter" in the urban decay eyeshadow ammo shadow box :)


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  3. that purple is so nice what brand do you use.X

  4. such a pretty smokey eye. I like I like.... :)

  5. Thank you girls :D

    @Milsybee @Marie a la mode I used three colours from UD : Snatch, Bordello and Last call :)

  6. c'est super beau ! Ca te va vraiment bien, se sont des couleurs que je n'utilise jamais pcq je trouve que ca ne me va pas !