Friday, January 14, 2011

What I wore #4 OOTN oldies

Hello girlies,

It's 6 AM and I haven't sleep all night in order to study for my exam which is in..two hours!
I was taking a break and daydreaming about my future life in London when I found a bunch of pictures from when I was there almost one year ago *nostalgic*to celebrate one of my good friend 20th birthday.

I tend to contemplate "old" pictures a LOT and see how me and my friends evolve year after year.
How funny we looked only 3 years ago. When I say funny, I think fugly of course.

My hair were very dark back then which I hated because it made me look even more pale than I'm really am.
And, NO , nobody died that day I was in my black from head to toe period of time.
We all have one,right?
However, I do love the dress I wore that night, it was indeed very short but as the dress is not low-cut at all, I didn't feel like a lost skanky tourist.

What do we think ladies? Was it a hit or a miss?

Sad that I have to go find pictures from last year to post about an OOTN though, I can't wait to be DONE with these damn exams (winter too by the way) and get my life back.

Hope everyone is doing well,
Marilou, XO


  1. I must say, I like the fringe detail! :)

    This is definitely a HIT! :)

  2. It was a HIT! And good luck on your exam!!

  3. Ohh I love your dress! The fringe at the bottom is so cute! xx

  4. I love this dressand i like how you presented the shot, so its a hit:-)

  5. Je deviens tellement accros, que je viens tout les jours maintenant! Mais t'es vraiment la plus belle CHOOOUUUUW! ;)

  6. It is such a lovely photo. You look really beautiful in it. I hope your exam went okay :) I love your blog so much. It would make my whole day if you would follow me? I am not a beauty blogger or a savvy journalist, but I am just a teenage girl with a startling passion for writing. If you could follow me, I would be so grateful :) Anyway, lots of love, and all the best.

  7. Love you outfit on the picture.

    and i hope your exam went perfect! :)

  8. @Minikachu @Nicola Thank you girls :D

    @Mathilde Aaaah chou merci t'es trop mignonne !
    C'est quand tu veux pour une petite leçon de make up hein ce sera avec plaisir :)

    @Etienne Done :) Cute blog, keep going xx

    @Amanda Thanks it went good not perfectly though LOL

  9. I'm a fan of the fringing! Hope the exam was ok? All nighters are never fun! I have a ton of coursework in next week and I am so far behind, I haven't turned on the TV in weeks lol! I also spend time procrastinating and looking for a new flat in London as I have to move out of mine in June. xx

  10. good luck w/ ur exams! we're having exams too :(

    and hmm...i think it's a HIT :D


    follow me?

  11. @Emily I think it went pretty good :D thanks for asking .
    Haha procastination is a bitch , isn't it ? That's so cool you're moving to London, aw gawd you're lucky :) xx

    @Jennifer @AA Thank you :D