Saturday, January 22, 2011

MOTN : Jerseylicious inspiration

Hi girlies!
After an awful past month of revisions and...revisions I really need to give my neurons a break..
and as I have a massive obsession with everything jersey related, after Jersey Shore, The Real Housewives of New Jersey , Jerseylicious is my new tv obsession.
It's a crossroad of The Only Way Is Essex and Jersey Shore.  How delightful.

Big hair, "fancky" (fancy+tacky) clothes and loads of smoky eyes drama.

This is something I always do.

When I watch The Hills, I paint my nails dark red and sidebraid my hair.
When I watch Glee, all I want to do is to start singing in the street and create my own musical life.
When I watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta, I want to wear a wig . LOL
When I watch The Only Way Is Essex , I buy spray tan and practice my british accent.

So obviously, when I watch Jerseylicious  all I want to do is wear tacky clothes loads of make up and go super heavy on the eye. 

RANDOM :   after my visit to Waterstone's in Brussels I found some "british" food goodies and I finally got to taste the oh-so-famous Creme Egg!

This egg chocolate is insanely good! Can't wait to try the MINI EGGS

I hope everyone is doing well.
Much looove, Marilou


  1. NOM creme egg!! hope you find some mini eggs soon =) xx

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  3. Hahhaa I love how jershey shore affects your makeup(;

  4. I LOVE Jerseylicious!! It is so funny!! :)

  5. mini eggs are defo better than creme eggs :D LOL x